30 Sec's on....



What do you have in your fridge?

No seriously, when you open your door, what stares back at you?

This random thought popped up when I opened my door and realized that mine, could quite possibly be, the perfect fridge.  I mean, I have to say here that I am not a big white ware person.  This means that as long as it keeps stuff cool, cold and fresh, I don't care about whether it makes ice-cubes or remembers and then orders, my groceries.

The same goes for pots.  However, I do lean a little towards pretty things with crockery and absolutely love (and spend way more than I should) on sheets.

But anyway, back to my fridge.

I have, in no particular order:

Bbq sauce, tomato sauce (the young one) plum sauce, oyster sauce, mustard and mayonaise, jalapenos, pickles, capers, tahini, yeast, coconut water, jelly, strawberry jam, 2x fresh blueberries, 4 tomatoes, 1/2 head of lettuce, 12 beers and chocolate.  And two onions.  I know, the beer's a bit random considering I don't drink but you know, it has a good story.  And my beautiful rosemary vinegar which I swear, hand on heart, has actually survived two house shifts, 3 fridges and still tastes amazing.

So you know, it's actually a quite perfect fridge.

It's clean, tidy and it suits me.

I like being able to open my fridge and know I can start balancing out my tummy with pickles and jalapenos, or reach for the blueberries for a shot of amazeballs.  I have enough for a salad without being pedantic, and there is nothing better than my rosemary vinegar to get my tastebuds fizzing.

And my fridge goes great with my fruit bowl - bananas, mandarins, lemons and an avocado depending on what time you ask.

I also have flour, baking soda and powder, yeast and cocoa in my pantry for when I have those cravings for bread and muffins, or Chelsea Winter's Double Chocolate Brownies.  And bucketloads of teas and spices.  There are also still more condiments, like soy and fish sauce, olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.  

And of course, eggs.

I buy my chicken or seafood and the odd piece of meat, fresh.

And I love this way of eating.

Because it makes me work with the Clair-senses.

To really listen to my body and hear what it is trying to say.  To ride the waves of my personal cycles, which is pretty fabulous in itself, but more than that, it gives me choices.  

The choice to listen to my rhythm's of how I'm immediately feeling, then I get to choose how I'm going to feel 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 2 hours from now.

That's some kind of awesome.

Have a beautiful Monday, baby.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit