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    You know, I truly love my son, but some days I just want to give him a smack around the head with a wet fish. I mean, don't get me wrong, he is my heart, but he can drive this ... Read post
    Man, there is so much Spirit around at the moment, people are literally tripping over them. I mean, I've never known a time where I haven't seen Spirit, so to me it's not a big ... Read post
    And your babe is on fire at the moment! Why? Exellent question 99! Because this whole dehydrator lark of mine, is finally paying off. Now if you remember, I acquired this quirky ... Read post
    Ok, we need to have a little tutu this morning because this subject is annoying me. Men. No, wait, maybe that was slightly too harsh. Not all men.  Just the men ... Read post
    So I had the oddest conversation today with one of my young peeps, and it went like this: Hey babe, how you doing? Silence. I'm ok...You already know how I'm doing, right? Well, ... Read post
    I was reading a book the other day and I saw this phrase...Everybody has one thing happen in their life, that changes their whole DNA, and at the time I thought, that is really ... Read post
    You know, I truly love the work I do. It's not Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.  It's also not all Zen loving, chai lattes, unicorns and fairy dust.  I mean, don't get me wrong, ... Read post
    So I saw it was International Woman's Day on Social Media, the other day. Whooooo!  I am all for empowering and empowered women. And the comments I saw were ... Read post
    First off, I'm not going to tell you how you should think about this Covid. I'm also not going to sway you one way or another re the vaccine. What I am going to say is this is ... Read post
    You know what I love most in this world? The artists. The dreamers. The builders. The fixers. The inventors. The scientists. The I can do-ers. The What if I did ... Read post
    You know the most underated, positive quality a person can own? Stubborness. I know, Quelle Horreur!   But all jokes aside, apart from it being totally ... Read post
    So one of my favourite random things to do, is go food shopping in a non-English shop. I know!  More fun than you can imagine though. Sometimes I end up with some ... Read post
    I don't know how you live, love, work and play with your body, but for me, I work with the Doctrine of Signatures. Now first off, this means I listen when my body ... Read post
  So I was having a random conversation the other day, with a woman I had just met.  We were chatting away, and the next minute she said, I had a near death experience when I was ... Read post
  I read an interesting article the other day, about how Trusting your Intuition could be a bad thing. I kind of understood where they were coming from.  They were talking ... Read post
  I don't know about you, but I absolutley, dislike with a passion, Facebook.   Now I'm against it for a few reasons, but one in particular, really gets me all ... Read post
    So how do you feel about this new law that just got passed, about our children having a safe place to get their illegal drugs checked? Well, I don't know about you, but I'm in two ... Read post
      You know what I love most about Sitting in Silence? It is that it allows me to connect into a Higher Power. I mean, think about it, what if, we actually had just ... Read post
    What I wish for you in 2021 is this: Success. Bucketloads and bucketloads and bucketloads of success - financially, emotionally, intimately and Spiritually. I want your dreams to ... Read post
    Ok, so I know I should be talking Christmas stuff today, but my baby is over the other side of the world.  And as much as I'm not having as many abandonment issues as I ... Read post
    I don't know what you did for lunch today, but I had the unexpected pleasure of lunching with a young adult with Autism. And I had forgotten how super cool it is. How the ... Read post
    I know I promised to write about next year, but you know, I ended up being a bit Meh! about it.  So, instead, I decided to do a Mini 21. 2021 is the Year of the ... Read post
    So, it's that time of year, when I look at what the year ahead is going to bring.   But I was hesitant to write about it today. Not because I don't know what I'm talking ... Read post
      So I'm gingering it at the moment. Because Ginger is soooooooooooo good for the tummy, keeping it in balance and generally doing wonders for the pro-biotic good vs evil ... Read post
    I am the Queen of Good Ideas. No seriously, Random, quirky and not for the faint hearted ideas girl, that's me. And they always come out of the blue. Which is what ... Read post
    I have been asked a couple of times in the past 10 days, to sign a petition to ban Fireworks. Technically, I could.  Because I have horses, and horses do not like ... Read post