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    You know, you would think that by 52 years old, I would know stuff. Well, to be fair, I do. I know lots of things which I find useful, like: Energy is a living thing. Horses ... Read post
    You know, I hate Death.   I really do. Peeps think because of the work I do, that somehow it makes it easier.  It does.  And it doesn't. It does, because I ... Read post
    I've been having lots of conversations recently about changing old, negative and toxic, past patterns from childhood. Well, I'm picking this subject because I don't want to talk ... Read post
    Do you know a Rain Dance is an actual thing? And as much as you and I would have heard stories about it, it really has been a very big part of indigenous culture.  ... Read post
    So whatcha doin' right now? Well, for me, I'll tell you what I'm not doing.   I'm not binge eating chocolate, although to be fair, I haven't stopped my normal daily ... Read post
    Today I want you to know that: If you are worried about your sexuality, whatever you decide is cool.  And you can change your mind.  Or not. If the only thing you did ... Read post
    You know, I don't know about you, but I get myself into trouble all the damn time. But to be fair, it's not always my fault. Hey Tarnz, I need to ask you a question.  What do ... Read post
    Ok, so the new thing we have at the moment is micro-cheating. I know, right?  What the hell is that when it's at home? Good question, 99! Well, let us look at ... Read post
    I love how Spirit are working at the moment! I mean, don't get me wrong, I always love working with Spirit, but it's like everyone has gone onto a Destiny Orientated path right ... Read post
    So my Go to love at the moment is Vitamin D. I know, right?  You thought that only came from the Sun. Well, if it makes you feel any better, so did I. However, ... Read post
  , Ok, so now that I am calling our Peacock home, to come live on our deck and ruffle his tail feathers, let me tell you why I want one, and how they are so cool: 1) Peacocks are only ... Read post
    My Pops, every time I sneezed, had this poem that went: One a wish... Two a kiss... Three a disappointment... Then he would stop and say, There's actually 12, but I can't ... Read post
    Man, there have been some big deaths in the last seven days. Young ones mostly, and the majority by their own hand. It's heart breaking. So I'm going to keep this real short and ... Read post
    I think some random person, that I have never, ever met, roughly 13,848 km's away, is eating my baking. No, seriously, I do. Let me tell you why: The young one loves to ... Read post
    So the latest craze in Crystals is...Moldavite. First off, I love that there is even a craze with Crystals.  Oh c'mon, it's kind of funny that now they are "super ... Read post
    I read a great article the other day and it went like this, It's not that women don't want sex, it's they don't want it with you. I laughed. I'm so sorry, I did.  ... Read post
    I don't know how you style your home, what makes you decide you love something and other things not so much, but for me, it's random. I don't care about "in" colours or styles, but ... Read post
    I think I am, Miss Bad Attitude chick. No really, I do.  Let me tell you why... Ring...ring... Hello!  **** Couriers.  How can I help? Hi, my name is ... Read post
    This Spirit Energy is just blowing my mind - doubly so, since our Ancestors have come out to play, too. I mean, you've heard me talk about this alot over the past few months, that ... Read post
    I love, love, love dreaming and dreamstate. Why? Excellent question 99! Because it is the one true way, that Spirit come through with the messages that I'm not listening to, when ... Read post
    You know, I truly love my son, but some days I just want to give him a smack around the head with a wet fish. I mean, don't get me wrong, he is my heart, but he can drive this ... Read post
    Man, there is so much Spirit around at the moment, people are literally tripping over them. I mean, I've never known a time where I haven't seen Spirit, so to me it's not a big ... Read post
    And your babe is on fire at the moment! Why? Exellent question 99! Because this whole dehydrator lark of mine, is finally paying off. Now if you remember, I acquired this quirky ... Read post
    Ok, we need to have a little tutu this morning because this subject is annoying me. Men. No, wait, maybe that was slightly too harsh. Not all men.  Just the men ... Read post
    So I had the oddest conversation today with one of my young peeps, and it went like this: Hey babe, how you doing? Silence. I'm ok...You already know how I'm doing, right? Well, ... Read post
    I was reading a book the other day and I saw this phrase...Everybody has one thing happen in their life, that changes their whole DNA, and at the time I thought, that is really ... Read post