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How desperate do you need to be... Wait...let me show you a close up, These brave, courageous men, just spent 11 days, 24 hours a day, sitting right there, in all weathers, because they ... Read post
  These past few weeks have been truly bizarre for me, because of one little thing, I've seen Courage in it's most naked and vulnerable form. And I very rarely see ... Read post
  'Tis the season to be... Vile, disgusting, petty and vindictive. Wait, before you go all Arnold 99 on me, let me explain: I'm not the biggest Christmas fan in the world. Actually, if ... Read post
  So the new, new thing on the block, is ground up egg shells in powder form. I know, right?  Sounds super weird. Well, it is, but it isn't.  It isn't, because eggs have all the ... Read post
So the worst question I got asked last week was, Why do bad things happen to good people? Now, I first got asked this over 30 years ago, I didn't know then, and here we are now, and I still ... Read post
  So I've read two articles recently, and both I think are truly bizarre in their entirety. The first one is a group of men called, Incels which is short for men who ... Read post
So a topic which has consistently raised its head recently is, Toxic Karmic Ancestral and DNA Inter-Generational Ties. I know, a big mouthful, right? But the more I have gone into this, the ... Read post
I heard this phrase, Living with Grace, the other day and I really love it. To me, that means, Being gracious with peace and acceptance, of both the good and bad, that knocks on your ... Read post
It has taken me 6 fails, 2x arguments, 1x lie, to be fair...no, I really can't go back to the shop for another year and when I do I better have a 12 year old boy in tow, 1x new machine, extra money ... Read post
So I was having a conversation today with one of my regular peeps, in one of my regular haunts, who is a chef. And the topic originally was Golden Syrup, and how I was finding it a bit tricky in ... Read post
There is huge Energy at the moment which is both good and bad. Excellent, because it is a bringing up and out of old toxic beliefs or negative thoughts, words and actions that you might have been ... Read post
I am heartbroken that the Queen is dead. I'm not a Royalist per se and seriously, in the last few years her family dramas have been, well, a little Jeremy Kyle.  But all those things aside, ... Read post
The amount of people who choose money over anything, and everything else, is fucking blowing my mind. Y'all have learnt absolutely nothing over the past two and a half years. It's still all small ... Read post
So y'all and I need to have a little tutu this week because, well, it's been a bit heartbreaking with people. I have had multiple conversations, and the theme has been exactly the same in all of ... Read post
  So, first off, two very important things happened way back in 1969. One:  I was born.  I know, thank you. Two: Scientists realized that mushrooms were not plants, and that they ... Read post
I want to talk about men today, because, well, there's been a few things which have not, and are not, sitting well with me. First off, let's say a big Hello! to my son (and his friends), my male ... Read post
  I want to talk about Enema's today. I know, right?  A bit on the odd side. Well, technically not.   I've been hearing some amazing things about Coffee Enema's. So my ... Read post
    So, WOW, this Energy is big at the moment. It's all encompassing and a little break-through-y. You know what I'm talking about.  Energy which just refuses to sit back and be ... Read post
    I'm in a Crystal-ly kind of mood tonight, so I've decided to choose a Crystal for you, for this coming week: Black Tourmaline. I particularly like this one, as it is not very well ... Read post
So apparently it's a Thing now for guys to wear skirts. Well, when Brad Pitt hits the Red Carpet in one, you know for sure that it's a Thing. But hey, he's hot. Super hot actually, so you know, ... Read post
    So I found myself in the middle of a conversation with a group of women today. A bit bizarre on a few points as: A) I don't do well in groups and B) Well, refer to A. But ... Read post
      So it's been go...go...go...clean...clean...clean...here. Because, and you know this as I have spoken about it 20 million times before, the last week before your ... Read post
    I'm big on signs from the Universe. Mostly because Spirit always have my back, so are consistently trying to point me in the right direction. They're good like that. Like I'll be ... Read post
    So I want to talk about Matariki today. First off, I really love stars, so that's a win from me, and I also love new beginnings, which Matariki is.   In fact, ... Read post
    Gotta say, I'm loving Rebel Wilson. No, seriously, that is one chick that has it going on. First off: She is an actress, comedian, writer, singer, and ... Read post
  I have to talk about this because: a) It's really annoying me and  b) It's an unbelievable way to make money. No, really, I just watched this chick get a minimum of ... Read post