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    Ok, so I need to revisit a topic I spoke about, about 2 months ago.   Do you remember me talking about Dating and I said, Do the Nine Date Rule because no guy can be ... Read post
    You know, I cannot believe how different the young one and I are. I mean, seriously, let us take the subject of Boundaries. Moi, is well, I would like to say that I am ... Read post
    Ok, well, I don't know about you but this Daylight Savings is doing my head in. I mean, seriously, normally I wake up early, feel great, do my thing during the day and then pop ... Read post
I've been having a little tussle with my moral fairy this week because of a situation I have been presented with.  However, it seems that no matter which way I look at it I'm stuck on one ... Read post
Well, I don't know about you but I'm really happy that the Energy has calmed down a bit.  It got a little crazy there for a while. A bit hurricane-ish. But like all Energy times when Spirit ... Read post
How you liking this Energy, chicky babe? Pretty full on with a touch of crazy is my thinking.  Ok, ok, a lot of crazy. But in between the crazy you should have found periods of ... Read post
Ok, so here I am in my favourite chair, the fire's going, a packet of Chocolate Macaroons is tucked in beside me and I have a cuppa. I know!  Life's pretty good. I mean, ... Read post
Ooooooohhhhh...guess what? We've just gone into Hungry Ghost Month. I know, what a super cool name! Well, technically yes, but no. But let me explain, Hungry Ghost Month ... Read post
I've had the unexpected pleasure of being around young ones this week. Which is great, I like our young people. They're super cool, enthusiastic, excitable and full of fun. And ... Read post
The young one has found my chocolate stash. I know!  I mean, seriously, what normal person looks under wrapping paper in the pantry. So, then we had a little chit chat about sugar because, ... Read post
  Ok, so the young one's on a health kick. And overall that's pretty good.  There's fruit, veges, smoothies and chicken. Not the skin and stuffed type, no no, the ... Read post
I want to talk about my favourite animal today... Wait, that's a Unicorn and I'm not talking about them. And my next favourite animal is a horse and that's not, ok, well, let's just flag that and ... Read post
I am very happy so far this winter.   Not because of the mud and rain, no no that doesn't work for me so well but because overall you guys are happier. I am, if ... Read post
One of my favorite hot topics has raised it's head this week... Sex. Well, that's not technically true.  The actual topic has been Dating.   Then comes the ... Read post
  As I am writing this today, I am doing the 3 day countdown to my 48th year.   But I've got to say here, just between you and me, these two weeks before my Birthday are the ... Read post
  I am sitting in the sun thinking about you.   Well, that's not quite true.  I'm sitting in the chair by the window, curled up with my laptop, with the fire going.  However, ... Read post
Yippee-ki-yah, baby!   We've hit the moon month of Cancerian and I for one could not be happier. I love moon Energy and I'm totally a cool Cancerian chick. I mean, seriously, my whole life ... Read post
  Ok, so we have to talk about mouses this week because: a) There is a dead one decomposing behind my fridge and b) I think I've just given myself mouse poisioning. I know! Stupid ... Read post
You know, sometimes Spirit throw me a curve ball.   Just because.  And that's what happened this week. Some nice man over in Argentina decided that I was a good option for money ... Read post
Ok, so your favourite Psychic is one very happy camper right now.  Let me tell you why... Now you know that once I have played with Energy and heard the story it tells me, I am like a dog ... Read post
Ok, before we start today, I want you to go get a cup of coffee.  Or tea - English Breakfast, Earl Grey, peppermint, raspberry or whatever tea rocks your boat then come back, because I want to ... Read post
Ok, so it worked out that I threw the balance of our home out. I know!  That sucks.   But it's true, homes have an Energy all of their own which is separate and singular away from you, ... Read post
You know, I'm always banging on about, If you don't like your life, make a different choice.   Yip.  That's what I say. But this week Spirit sent me a curve ball.  What ... Read post
The bloody planets are retrograde. Go on, ask me how I know. Well, the first indication was that all my text messages started disappearing on me.  I'd see them come up but when I went to ... Read post
Three things have coincided for this weeks blog: 1) It is the second year Anniversary of my son's friend dying in a tramping accident. 2) I had a phone conversation with a 64 year old woman ... Read post
I don't know about you but I'm breathing a sigh of relief that we have passed out of the Arian Energy and moved into Taurus.   Not that I don't love the Aries men and women, I do. ... Read post