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    I don't know about you, but I don't really have a bucket list. There's a couple of things I wish to do in this lifetime, and a couple of things I am actively currently working ... Read post
  I believe that trees have thoughts, feelings and emotions. Well, I've watched my Native New Zealand Herbs-Trees have Best friends and Fren-emies and absolute, Ah Hell, no, ... Read post
  I'm stuck on garlic at the moment. Well, that's not true, I always have been, it's just now it's not the cooked kind. It's raw, nude, naked, and in all it's natural glory. And ... Read post
  So the question I have for you today is, How responsible is a salesperson for what they sell you? Now, this is interesting on a couple of levels, let me tell you why. Do you remember ... Read post
    It's interesting how Spirit are working at the moment. And more importantly, how I'm hearing that Spirit are coming through for you. A lot of their messages are coming through ... Read post
    You know what I love most about having a garden? It reminds me of my place in the world. I have a constant reminder of the cyle of life - birth and death. That you need both sun ... Read post
    I know this is most probaly the worst timing ever here, what with the State of Emergency and flooding, not to mention the billions of dollars lost, but we have just entered the ... Read post
    We are 30 days into 2023, and y'all are doing my fucking head in. So you and I need to have a little tutu, so we can go back to being friends. 1) Do not let your ego take over all ... Read post
  What I love at the moment are the people who are going all out to make the world a better place. But not everyone needs to get arrested. Not everyone has to stage a protest. Not everyone ... Read post
    The Psychic's prayer before bed at night: Dear Spirit, Please, please, please stop friends and family giving what they think is excellent advice, when they have no idea of the ... Read post
    So how are you going to be kind to yourself this week? What simple pleasures are you going to put top of your list, to recharge your cup which is running on empty? How are you ... Read post
    I love the start of a New Year! No, not because of all the, I'm going to... I gave those resolutions away years ago.  But because it's Summer and hot, I'm chilling ... Read post
What I wish for you in 2023 is this: Success. Bucketloads and bucketloads and bucketloads of success - financially, emotionally, intimately and Spiritually. I want your dreams to come to ... Read post
For you, who are maybe like Liam and I, and are in different places, maybe different countries, or it may be a Soul differnce where you are physically close but emotionally out of ... Read post
So you might have noticed I skipped the Chinese, Good luck and Cosmic Vibrations last year. I thought about writing it, I really did, but one thing stopped me, The complete lack of ... Read post
How desperate do you need to be... Wait...let me show you a close up, These brave, courageous men, just spent 11 days, 24 hours a day, sitting right there, in all weathers, because they ... Read post
  These past few weeks have been truly bizarre for me, because of one little thing, I've seen Courage in it's most naked and vulnerable form. And I very rarely see ... Read post
  'Tis the season to be... Vile, disgusting, petty and vindictive. Wait, before you go all Arnold 99 on me, let me explain: I'm not the biggest Christmas fan in the world. Actually, if ... Read post
  So the new, new thing on the block, is ground up egg shells in powder form. I know, right?  Sounds super weird. Well, it is, but it isn't.  It isn't, because eggs have all the ... Read post
So the worst question I got asked last week was, Why do bad things happen to good people? Now, I first got asked this over 30 years ago, I didn't know then, and here we are now, and I still ... Read post
  So I've read two articles recently, and both I think are truly bizarre in their entirety. The first one is a group of men called, Incels which is short for men who ... Read post
So a topic which has consistently raised its head recently is, Toxic Karmic Ancestral and DNA Inter-Generational Ties. I know, a big mouthful, right? But the more I have gone into this, the ... Read post
I heard this phrase, Living with Grace, the other day and I really love it. To me, that means, Being gracious with peace and acceptance, of both the good and bad, that knocks on your ... Read post
It has taken me 6 fails, 2x arguments, 1x lie, to be fair...no, I really can't go back to the shop for another year and when I do I better have a 12 year old boy in tow, 1x new machine, extra money ... Read post
So I was having a conversation today with one of my regular peeps, in one of my regular haunts, who is a chef. And the topic originally was Golden Syrup, and how I was finding it a bit tricky in ... Read post
There is huge Energy at the moment which is both good and bad. Excellent, because it is a bringing up and out of old toxic beliefs or negative thoughts, words and actions that you might have been ... Read post