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    So I have a new friend. We'll that's not quite true, we have the very, very first start of what could potentially develop into a friendship. Or at least a ... Read post
    'Tis the season for abuse. I mean, if you really want to be pedantic, it's all the time, but now is when people talk about it more. So today I want to talk with you about how to ... Read post
    I bloody love working with Spirit...because it's never stagnant. The Energy is consistently moving and gyrating, diving into depths, climbing mountains, sometimes doing a little ... Read post
    ...if you just let go? No, seriously, I mean this. What would happen if you just stopped going against the flow, ceased banging your head against the things you believe are ... Read post
    Do you believe in coincidence, T? This is a question that I have been asked since the Dawn of Time.  And the quick answer is, Yes.   And No. First ... Read post
    So I was talking with a mate the other day, having a laugh and sharing old war wounds, and the next minute he was nodding his head and said...setting you up for failure. And here I ... Read post
    You know what I love about my work the most? I'm never dealing with what someone originally speaks with me for. I know right, how is that possible? Well, it goes like ... Read post
    As I am writing this, at this exact moment, I have lost $9,758. ...to Nigerian Kings. I kidd you not, it should have been $13,476 but I managed to claw some of it back. And I ... Read post
    You know, I'm really enjoying getting older. Not the wrinkles part, obviously, but the Soul part. You know why? My hands create magick now.  Because they have, and continue ... Read post
    You know, people often ask me if I believe in dreams. Like, If I dream something I want, can it happen? And the quick answer to that ... Read post
    You know Mr Science and Miss Spirit walk hand in hand. No, really, they do. I see Mr Science as tall and good looking, totally in his head, and a little OCD. Miss Spirit on the ... Read post
     You know what I miss the most at the moment? Old bookstores and Farmers Markets. Do I miss hairdressers or nail salons? Not so much. Although to be fair, the only reason ... Read post
    Yes!  I feel bloody amazing.  I very rarely have a bad day now, and all that stuff with my partner doesn't affect me so much anymore. Best.  Decision.  ... Read post
    I was hoping you'd be reasonable... I don't even have to tell you how the rest of that conversation went, but it started with, Ah..ha ha ha... But all jokes aside, I'm not ... Read post
    I want to talk about Working Girls today. I met my first Girl when I had just started working Professionally as a Reader, and like you, I had pre-conceived ... Read post
    There's been a lot of powerful and empowered conversations this past week. Super surprising, since this Energy can only be described as one of the Ugly sisters of Cinderella. But ... Read post
    You know, I absolutely love Pandas. Actually, I bloody adore baby Pandas.     Oh, c'mon, aren't they just the most gorgeous thing in the Universe? So, now ... Read post
    You know, you would think that by 52 years old, I would know stuff. Well, to be fair, I do. I know lots of things which I find useful, like: Energy is a living thing. Horses ... Read post
    You know, I hate Death.   I really do. Peeps think because of the work I do, that somehow it makes it easier.  It does.  And it doesn't. It does, because I ... Read post
    I've been having lots of conversations recently about changing old, negative and toxic, past patterns from childhood. Well, I'm picking this subject because I don't want to talk ... Read post
    Do you know a Rain Dance is an actual thing? And as much as you and I would have heard stories about it, it really has been a very big part of indigenous culture.  ... Read post
    So whatcha doin' right now? Well, for me, I'll tell you what I'm not doing.   I'm not binge eating chocolate, although to be fair, I haven't stopped my normal daily ... Read post
    Today I want you to know that: If you are worried about your sexuality, whatever you decide is cool.  And you can change your mind.  Or not. If the only thing you did ... Read post
    You know, I don't know about you, but I get myself into trouble all the damn time. But to be fair, it's not always my fault. Hey Tarnz, I need to ask you a question.  What do ... Read post
    Ok, so the new thing we have at the moment is micro-cheating. I know, right?  What the hell is that when it's at home? Good question, 99! Well, let us look at ... Read post
    I love how Spirit are working at the moment! I mean, don't get me wrong, I always love working with Spirit, but it's like everyone has gone onto a Destiny Orientated path right ... Read post