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    I've had the unexpected pleasure of being around young ones this week. And it is a pleasure, because I love their enthusiasm and passion for love, life and saving the planet. ... Read post
    As you're reading this today, it is my 49th Birthday. I know!  I've surprised everyone, including myself, that I've arrived here, at this destination, relatively healthy and ... Read post
    The young one and I have an awesome relationship. Well, we must do because our conversation last week went like this... E's flying in at 5.30am.  I've told her that's a great ... Read post
    It's that bl**dy time of the year again. My Birthday month.   Actually, let me rephrase that, One month (less a few days) before my Birthday. And naturally, it is ... Read post
    There's been lots of super cool convo's this week, but one in particular sticks in my mind because, well, it was a young one that was asking and because the difference ... Read post
    I want to be the Gratitude Fairy today, because I have been very blessed recently with the people that Spirit have sent to me, and I thought a nice Gratitude Thank You might be ... Read post
    As I am writing this, one of my close mates is winging her way to the other side of the world to walk the Inca Trail.   I know!  But wait, then she is going ... Read post
    I had a super interesting conversation today which I want to share with you. But before I get to that, how often have you heard me bang on about, My right knee goes out ... Read post
    Tra la la, la la la la...T'is the season to be jolly. Or not. Mostly not.   And I blame it on the weather.  Honestly, it must be playing with people's heads because I ... Read post
    Oooooohhhh....how are you loving this Change Energy, baby? Well, if you're a little Cancer girl like me, you will be, Ummmm, not right now, I'm not quite ... Read post
    Well, this is annoying. I am, as I am writing this, purple. I know!  But it goes like this... I am mostly blonde.  No, not as like a baby, but anyway, blonde ... Read post
    You know, I often get asked the question, Do I believe in Ghosts?   Well, yes.  I do. But I look at Ghosts in a completely different realm to Spirit. Ghosts are ... Read post
    I hate texting. No seriously, hate it.  Mostly, because I am literal.   So, you need to keep it nice and sweet and to the point.   I do not wish to have ... Read post
  What a super cool moment I had today. I mean, don't get me wrong.  I have lots of super cool moments but...  Anyway, there I was sitting having an impromptu coffee with one of ... Read post
    I want to talk about Fantails today, because between a mate and I, we have heard about five (5) deaths within the last nine (9) days. I know!  Quelle Horreur! Anyway, he's ... Read post
    Oh, Thank Spirit it's Full Moon time again! I swear, hand on heart, it seems like months since we have had a decent Full Moon.  I'm pretty sure it was only a few weeks ago but ... Read post
    I've just had a really awesome few hours. But it didn't start out that way.   Actually, that's not true.  I woke up fine-ish but the longer I was up, the more I realized ... Read post
    Ok, so it starts with a text... My car failed its warrant. What the young one wanted me to do about it, one island and 1395.5 km's away, I don't know.  But anyway, trying to ... Read post
    The big topic this week has been, Age Gap Love. And it has caused some hugely controversial, conversations. Now, wait...before you get on your high horse, let me finish. ... Read post
        Oooooh...this Full Moon is causing some chaos and mayhem. And most of this starts with someone saying to me, Tell me, you didn't just say that... In my defence, ... Read post
    Ok, so it works out that I am the only person in the known Universe, who didn't realize that circus's don't have animals anymore. None.  Zero.  Zilch. I know, I'm ... Read post
      Ok, so there I was trying to do some paperwork the other day but really watching trashy tv.  Neither was really holding my attention though and I found myself randomly ... Read post
  I've just had a really disturbing conversation today. There I was talking with one of my young ones and the next minute she says, Do you think I have Mental Health issues? There was ... Read post
    Oh cr*p, almost forgot what time of year it is...Chinese New Year.   So, on 16th February, The Year of the Rooster finishes and we are heading into the Year of the ... Read post
    I want to talk about Susan B Anthony today, and there are a couple of reasons for this: 1) Everytime I go on or near the computer, her name keeps coming up ... Read post
    Well, this has been a most unpleasant week. After having the young one home again for six months after he had travelled to far away lands, slaying dragons, rescuing Princesses and ... Read post