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    You know, one of my most favorite woman in the world is Dian Fossey. Who the hell is she, when she's at home? Good question, 99! She was an American Primatologist and ... Read post
    You know what I love the most, with the work that I do? The colours. I mean, seriously, it's like living in Alice in Wonderland most days.  Instead of seeing clothes and ... Read post
    How did you know? Because you were raised under a sunless sky. Our conversation continued on, parts of it deep, dark and disturbing, and truly sad in some areas, but it was also ... Read post
    I thought I would do something a little different this week.   So I've decided to choose a card from my Tarot Pack, from the actual pack that I use, The Morgan ... Read post
    Let's talk about Vegas, baby! I first went to Vegas when I was 21 years old, and I had the best time ever!   We drank, we gambled, saw shows, had fun in the sun and generally ... Read post
    You know, overall, I don't suffer from Road Rage. I mean, I know a lot of people do, but I've never classed myself in that group. Instead, I sit firmly and happily, in ... Read post
    Are you owning 2020, baby? I know for me, I am loving this year.  I love the vibrancy of the Energy.  It's fast, I'll give you that, but in a super positive ... Read post
    Whoop whoop...I've just had my very first Cupping!! Actually, that's not 100% true.  I had my first one about 5 years ago.  But this is my first actual Cupping. ... Read post
    So this whole Boundaries conversation keeps coming up. Mostly because people keep trying to do the horizontal mamba on mine. I know, Quelle horreur!  Je ne ... Read post
    Welcome to the Year of the Metal Rat. I know, what a super cool name! But you know what is better?  It is the first year of the Chinese Animals AND the very first year of a ... Read post
    You know this Silver Cord is doing my head in at the moment. I mean, seriously, doing my head in. And it goes like this, my DNA literally hurts.  That's the only ... Read post
    Are you doing the Success Mamba, baby? I mean, this Energy is quick and vibrant.  Loads of potential but more than that, it's just, I don't know, big. I know that ... Read post
    There is some FANTASTIC Energy around right now! I mean, seriously freaking cool. Because we are smack bang in Game Changer Season.   You know what I mean ... Read post
    Here we are again at this beautiful time, between no longer and not yet. And I love this inbetween time, where the year hasn't yet quite finished, but the new hasn't ... Read post
      Man, I was reading back over last years blog at this time, and was remembering how everything had, or was just about to, fall out of bed. And how it was the most challenging ... Read post
    Ok, so Spirit are playing here at the moment. Now overall this isn't odd, because they play a lot.  Not naughty things like moving stuff around or throwing things but rather, ... Read post
    How freaking awesome is this, we've just hit Jupiter entering Capricorn season. I mean, I like Jupiter and am kind of cool with Capricorn.  A few things I wouldn't mind ... Read post
    How's your Zen going, baby? I know, you don't need to tell me, it's challenging on a good day. Well, you're not the only one, because I opened my email the other day and here this ... Read post
    'Tis the season for... me to pretend I'm living on a remote island with sandy beaches, blue skies, clear oceans and horses. Oh c'mon, we travel as a pack.  Take me, take my ... Read post
    You know, I am super lucky that my son seems to have taken all my good qualities and not my, well, less than positive one.   Anyway, I was thinking about this the other ... Read post
    So, I'm loving this Mercury Retrograde at the moment. It's a time of Going back to come forward. And a slowing down time. Not in the work you have to accomplish per ... Read post
      If I am masculine, then what qualities do I have that you can't, because you're feminine? Silence. More Silence. And that was from the young one, after our original ... Read post
    Ooooohhhhh, guess what time it is? Yip, almost time for a new Chinese New Year.  So, what is it going to be and how fantastic is it? Well, it's a Metal Rat year and contrary ... Read post
    Wow...this Energy is pretty sticky at the moment. It's pushing and prodding, stretching and making tense - like pulling toffee. This is good in lots of ways, if you can look ... Read post
    So I've had a couple of interesting conversations this week, all of them about kids. Now this is not an unusual conversation in our home.   We talk a lot of nature vs ... Read post
    I have found myself binge watching, and falling in love with, Netflix's, 3 Wives 1 husband.   Which is all about Fundamentalist Polygamist Mormons, living in a ... Read post