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    I don't know about you, but i have a love-actively dislike relationship with Quiz Nights. Mostly for this one reason: I look as thick as pig shite. No seriously, in ... Read post
    You know for someone who works with Spirit every day, I do not believe in luck or coincidences. I know, Quelle Horreur! But seriously, I don't believe in unplanned, random ... Read post
                                        So, I had the oddest conversation today. And it ... Read post
    Ok, so just recently, every time I've turned around, someone has been talking about how nasty commercial deodorants are, and how natural is the only way to go.   I mean, ... Read post
    I have had some truly disturbing conversations this week, but one has been particularly close to my heart, so you and I need to have a tutu about this: Did you know ... Read post
    I'm feeling in a little bit of a Witchy mood, so let's do some Witchy stuff. Ok, first off, when you are doing a Cleansing and Clearing, getting rid of negative Energy ... Read post
      You know what I've loved about this week? I've heard about some of my peeps having awesome, soul great, results. And I love that because I get excited. I get ... Read post
    'Tis the season to be... Dating. Uggh. I mean, seriously, I love being in a relationship but I absolutely dislike with a passion dating.  Which is why I ... Read post
    I heard a really beautiful phrase the other day... Maybe what's happening right now is not happening to you, but for you.     I know.  My thoughts exactly. But ... Read post
    You know, as much as I love my son, and I do, you can tell he's an only child. No, no, don't you be shaking your head and tut tutting me, I swear, hand on heart, it's true. ... Read post
    Whoooo...the ugly's come out to play, baby. I mean, I heard the Energy change but you know, change of seasons, Daylight Savings etc, I thought I would give the Energy the ... Read post
    I'm loving the way this year is going! Yes, it has had it's challenges, but around every corner there seems to be another, and quite awesome, opportunity. Should you take every ... Read post
    You know, there is nothing that annoys me more, than when someone treats me as if I've been tapped with the stupid stick. No really, nothing. But stupid comes in many forms. ... Read post
    You know, I don't know about you, but I love elephants. I love their community, their strength and their way.  So I thought today, we might have a little tutu about what makes ... Read post
    Ok, so we are smack back in the first Mercury retrograde of 2019. What does this mean in layman's terms? It means you're in a healing time, baby. Hopefully, fingers crossed, ... Read post
    First off, I have to say here, that I have a love vs actively not love relationship with my Healing Stones. I love them because they are awesome in their ... Read post
    Ok, so as you know I am a huge fan of Crystals.   I believe in their power, not just to heal but their ability to cleanse the air around you and bring in ... Read post
    So there I was having a little shop around in my favourite local health shop, and I spied with my little eye... Watermelon Juice. I know, how super cool! Now overall, I'm not ... Read post
    What do you have in your fridge? No seriously, when you open your door, what stares back at you? This random thought popped up when I opened my door and realized that mine, could ... Read post
    So, there I was down at the stables late Saturday arvo, and I was talking with a mate... I'm in a spot of trouble.  My 30 sec's should have been done and dusted, and all ready ... Read post
      'Tis the season to be... Preggers! Seriously.  It is a beautifully abundant time.  Lots of Spirit, which is always great, because well, I love Spirit. ... Read post
    I want to talk aobut Healers today. Mostly because I'm in a bit of a witchy mood, so want to talk about these wonderful old ways, of fixing the body and soothing the soul. First ... Read post
    I don't know about you, but I am really excited, because it's almost time for The Year of the Earth Boar. And this year has some mammoth Energy, and the best part is, it's all ... Read post
    You know, after 25 years, the two questions I still get asked the most are: Do you believe in Karma? and Do you believe in luck? Hell yes! to the first and Not ... Read post
    What a gorgeous start to the year this has been! The weather has been stunning, but it is the Energy which has really blown me away.  The abundance of emotions which has ... Read post
     Well, well, well eh? Here we are once again, at the start of an awesome New Year, and I don't know about you, but this year has been pretty great.  Well, it was on this ... Read post