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    So, WOW, this Energy is big at the moment. It's all encompassing and a little break-through-y. You know what I'm talking about.  Energy which just refuses to sit back and be ... Read post
    I'm in a Crystal-ly kind of mood tonight, so I've decided to choose a Crystal for you, for this coming week: Black Tourmaline. I particularly like this one, as it is not very well ... Read post
So apparently it's a Thing now for guys to wear skirts. Well, when Brad Pitt hits the Red Carpet in one, you know for sure that it's a Thing. But hey, he's hot. Super hot actually, so you know, ... Read post
    So I found myself in the middle of a conversation with a group of women today. A bit bizarre on a few points as: A) I don't do well in groups and B) Well, refer to A. But ... Read post
      So it's been go...go...go...clean...clean...clean...here. Because, and you know this as I have spoken about it 20 million times before, the last week before your ... Read post
    I'm big on signs from the Universe. Mostly because Spirit always have my back, so are consistently trying to point me in the right direction. They're good like that. Like I'll be ... Read post
    So I want to talk about Matariki today. First off, I really love stars, so that's a win from me, and I also love new beginnings, which Matariki is.   In fact, ... Read post
    Gotta say, I'm loving Rebel Wilson. No, seriously, that is one chick that has it going on. First off: She is an actress, comedian, writer, singer, and ... Read post
  I have to talk about this because: a) It's really annoying me and  b) It's an unbelievable way to make money. No, really, I just watched this chick get a minimum of ... Read post
  Do you remember me talking about, The Voynich Manuscript? Brief recap: A 234-page handwritten document, filled with enciphered text in an unknown alphabet, threaded through by a ... Read post
    Do you ever do something and then the person you're with goes, You can't do that, that's wrong! Well, it happened to me today. I caught up with a super cool girlfriend today, and ... Read post
    I don't know whether I have ever shown you Dewey the Duck.     Dewey is very cool and comes with a history.   When we first moved into the country, from ... Read post
    I want to tell you another story because well, I feel like it, and stories are cool. Today's story is The Holy Grail. Christians believe that The Holy Grail was the ... Read post
    If you are following Wade vs Roe in America, you should be super concerned right about now. Not only are they trying to ban abortion, but if you dobb someone in you get ... Read post
    OMG I almost deleted my son today. I know, right? With all the scammers that I deal with, and there's a lot, I almost fell for the oldest trick in the book. The Mom one. And it ... Read post
    So I ran into a little issue today... A button fell off my duvet when it went through the washing machine. No problem! I hear you say, Just sew the bloody thing back ... Read post
    I bloody love Easter. I do, favourite bestest time, ever. But since I talk about Easter and everything bunny-ish every year, this year I thought I would tell you a story... Let ... Read post
    So I want to talk about Seed Cycling today. Mainly because people are driving me absolutely freaking nuts with their attitude towards weight and weight loss at the ... Read post
      I have had the most amazing conversations this week. And the best part? They have been from women of all ages - ranging from 19 to late 70's. And as you would expect, there ... Read post
    Guess what today is? National Weed Appreciation Day! No, not the Happy, all is good in the World kind, the Growing in your garden kind. Which is awesome because I love ... Read post
    I need to change petrol stations. No, not because I can't afford the price and now need to bike everywhere, but because I accepted a date from a man I don't know, don't want to ... Read post
    You know I don't buy into the whole theory that all kids are the same. Mainly because they're not. Some love to read, some play sports, some are science orientated, can do maths ... Read post
    So being a Cancerian girl who is feeling a little Witchy, let's talk about Full Moons. First off, we all know that a Total Lunar Eclipse is sometimes called a Blood Moon, because ... Read post
    So I was joking around with a girlfriend and she said, Do a blog on Unrequited Love. I can't do that, because I don't believe in it. Every single person I have ever dealt ... Read post
    Well, well, well eh? So 2022 is a Destiny Year. I love years like this! They come along once every seven years and whether you have been naughty or nice in the past, depends on ... Read post
    You know I'm not a big fan of Past Life Reincarnations. It's not because I don't agree with Reincarnation, I do.  It's just that every woman I have ever ... Read post