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So let us, you and I, have a little tutu today about Manifestations. Manifestations, as you know, are all about thinking things into Creation. Which, before I go any further, I personally use in ... Read post
So the young one and I were having a video chat today, and as we were catching up I mentioned a couple, where one was having an affair. We chit-chatted a little about it and then he ... Read post
So I am a big Op Shop fan. I love that I can buy excellent quality at a fraction of new prices, and that what I buy has a history. I also like to know that something has been loved before it came ... Read post
I have had the oddest conversations this week, and the theme on every single one of these conversations, has been Mental Health. Which I've found to be super weird. Because it is not the people ... Read post
Do you remember me saying to you, right back at the start of this year, that this was going to be a Karmic Year? Well, I am literally watching all these past deeds come back to haunt, or bless, ... Read post
I have a lovely friend that I have known over 25 years. She's a Catholic, which is important, but not. I mean, I've got friends that are all denominations, ranging from Atheist (doesn't believe ... Read post
So, I have a question for you: If a commerical company says they put four (4) whole-food-real-food ingredients in a product, then I use the exact same four (4) ingredients, yet the ... Read post
So what I've been a little Alice-In-Wonderland about recently is this: If 20% of your relationship is:  You are amazing and fantastic and this is blow-your-mind, and the other 80% ... Read post
I do not shop. I know, I know, it may seem like I do, since I tend to have an abundance of jackets, however, that is a False Truth. Those are all op-shop-second-hand love ... Read post
So it works out that I may have a teensy tiny issue. My Drivers license, after 10 years, runs out in October. No biggie, right?  Well, technically, after having my full ... Read post
I was talking with a girlfriend the other day, and we started chatting about the stupidest things we had done in a relationship. Mine involved a phone. No, it wasn't drunk texting, but thank you ... Read post
So I have tried two new products this week, both are at-first-glance fantastic and tick all the major boxes for me: 1) All natural and 2) They taste amazing. The first one is exactly what it ... Read post
'tis the season to speak about abuse. Normally it goes in cycles, and strikes in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, it's started so much earlier this year, and doesn't show any signs of letting ... Read post
  I want to ask you a question: When was the last time you had a STI check? I normally do one every, ok, fine, not very often.  In fact, I can't remember the last time I did one, but I ... Read post
So there I was on Instagram the other day, and the next minute this gorgeous cat pops up. Honestly, it was bloody stunning. And since it was sitting on the bed, and obviously a house cat, I ... Read post
  So, my favourite phrase at the moment is, Focus...don't Focus. Which I absolutely love. Let me explain: I'm extremely tunnel vision when I have an idea...and not just a ... Read post
Ok, so I have to write this today, because honestly, some of this is pretty funny. I have been in a period where I have been dealing with the Service industry quite a bit.  Now that's you ... Read post
What happens when what you thought you wanted, you actually don't? That's the question that I've been hearing a lot of this past week. Which is super weird. I'm watching people work and work and ... Read post
I believe that Trauma sits in your body like a fur ball. Depending on which kind of Trauma you are dealing with, it will cause chaos and conflict in different parts of your body. Past sexual ... Read post
So, I'm hearing about some unusual Therapies at the moment. There are some though, which people are telling me fantastic things about. Like Oxygen Therapy - super expensive at like $2000 a ... Read post
So I'm kind of excited about 2024. I mean, you and I have already talked about it being a Karmic year and already, Spirit are making themselves very much known. Which is good, I like that. I ... Read post
You know, Scamming isn't new. I know that it seems massive these days, and to be fair, it is more intricate and intelligent, if I can use that word, but it's most certainly, not new. There's been ... Read post
I thought about writing about the Year of the Wood Dragon, but in the end I decided against it. Mostly because I've already spoken about this year being a Karmic year ie: What you have already ... Read post
What I wish for you in 2024 is this: Success. Bucketloads and bucketloads and bucketloads of success - financially, emotionally, intimately and Spiritually. I want your dreams to come to ... Read post
You are an incredible human being. Kneel to no-one. Kissy hugs T (she/her) and Spirit xx * Having pronouns in an email signature signals you as an LGBTQIA and/or ally (a person who ... Read post
My Pops, who has been passed now for 22 years, came back to see me in Dreamstate last night. Only the third time ever. The first time it was to tell me he was ok.  That was a big thing, ... Read post