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You know I both love, and actively dis-love, Boundaries. First off, Boundaries are good. They let you be safe. Encouraging and nurturing contentment in your home, while also making sure ... Read post
Did you know that every home (and area of land) has their own personal Spirit People? I know, right?  How freaking cool. But it's true. And if you talk to previous owners of a ... Read post
What do you do when people are revolting? No, seriously, What do you do when someone is acting like a brat? For me, and I swear, I really have to work hard not to here, I want to go and up-slap ... Read post
OMFG...I am so unbelievably angry right now. So, you know that I am very pro-active around what you put into your body. Not just real food, but make-up, soaps, shampoo and conditioners, ... Read post
So I've got a question for you. A rather interesting one because, well, I thought I was right. Obviously. Yet no one who has answered this question, has made the same choice. Which I've found ... Read post
Ok, so we (Spirit and I) have got some exciting news! We love to put back into the Community, and have done so ever since I started in this Industry - over 30 years ago now.  It was always ... Read post
Do you remember about six weeks ago, when I realized a business that I had weekly dealings with, had a mammoth Bullying Issue? It was so bad, and embarrassing to be a part of, I refused to do ... Read post
Oh well, well, well, eh? Guess what companies are being naughty little munchkins? Works out quite a few, baby doll. And how did moi find this out? There's been so much in the papers, and spoken ... Read post
C’mon Barbie, let’s go Party! Who doesn’t know those words? Those were ones that we grew up with. We knew Barbie to be blonde and gorgeous and well, if we’re being honest ... Read post
So life looks as if it is going to get a little exciting. Mostly because Venus has just gone Retrograde. So, we all know that Venus is about Love and Retrograde is all about Backwards, well, sit ... Read post
I believe in you. You've got this. Kissy hugs T (she/her) and Spirit xx * Having pronouns in an email signature signals you as an LGBTQIA and/or ally (a person who is not LGBT, but ... Read post
What I'm loving this week is talking with my practioners. As you know, I believe in the Four Corners of Health, which are based on Spiritual, Mental and Emotional, Physical, ... Read post
You know what I have loved the most over the last 10 years or so? That people overall, have become more open minded. Ok, let me clarify here, I still hate with a passion, that people think so ... Read post
  So there I was in town, minding my own business, today. Ok, fine, maybe not 100%, but at that exact moment - and just before I started home, decided to pick up a product from my ... Read post
  So at 11pm last Sunday, I had this random, and what I thought at the time was a truly bodelicious idea, to get a Ski Machine. With the theory being, that I could work out while ... Read post
I am so mad about the Folic Acid Bill being passed in Government, I can't speak. That the Government thinks I'm too stupid to look after my own health, is beyond words. And it's being put ... Read post
So baby doll, you and I need to have a little tutu today. About men.  And sex.  And disrespect. Now before you go all antsy pants on me, I'm not picking on men.  I'm just ... Read post
    This is an amazing time, with huge Energy, and exceptional Power behind that Energy. A time to step forward into new beginnings, Emotional, Intimate, Spiritual and/or ... Read post
    So you and I need to have a little tutu about Spirituality today. Well, maybe relationships. Mostly Spirituality. Actually, maybe I'll just start talking, and you can make up ... Read post
    My Soul is not happy today. And this is purely because I got something I wanted, and now it works out that this is something that I really, really do not wish to ... Read post
      I had the loveliest email hit my inbox today, from one of my favourite companies, Ethique, and it was all about Mother's Day. But not what you think. We understand that ... Read post
    I swear, hand on hoof, the weirdest things are happening here at the moment. It's like this big ballon of Spirit. That's the wrong word to use. Instead of balloon, think of a ... Read post
    So inbetween now and May 5th, is when Spirit are pulling some major ass cards out. I kidd you not. There is batshite crazy Energy around - and it is all about ... Read post
  So I need you to stop and get a coffee this morning, before you and I have a little tutu. Sorted? Right.  Spirit need you to stop and think about what you are doing. Actually, what ... Read post
    So it works out, in 360 days, I will be (as I am writing this), the proud owner of a 30 year old son. Which is both super awesome, and very bloody weird. Super awesome, because ... Read post
    You know, I just can't get my head around how men and women react so differently, to the same experience. You will get a woman, who finds herself in an emotional situation not to ... Read post
  Have you and I ever talked about Tutankhamun's Curse? No? Well, it works like this:   The curse of the Pharaohs or Tutankhamun's Curse is a curse alleged to be cast ... Read post