Tania's Horses

Caps is my number 1 horse. He is a beautiful chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. Caps came to me slightly undernourished, a little unloved and a bit dented in his soul. With time, loads of food, lots of love and bucketloads of trust he has become one of my most beautiful gifts from Spirit. He has taught, and keeps teaching me, how to listen when nature speaks, how to trust without proof and how to hear without words. Caps has taught me how to say No with love and Yes with respect. He's also taught me how to be at peace with the world and my divine place in it.

Is my mare. She is a skewbald and is learning how to communicate with humans. Sequoia has taught me how to be as one with nature. How to be gentle. How to be fragile but not broken, powerful and empowered with my femininity.

Ralph and Chew baby
Are my mini's. They were rescued from being dog food. There's no nice way to say that.

Ralph is my ex-stallion. He has been gelded but still believes he is the stallion of the herd. Any herd. However, when he is not guarding any mare in the vicinity he is the most lovable, cuddliest and absolutely gorgeous mini.

Chew baby is my throw away. He obviously had had very little human contact before he came to me and it has taken us months and months and months to get a relationship. Now, he is the most beautiful mini you could ask for. Intelligent, loving, cuddly and well, just perfect.

Ralph, Chew baby and I have been approved for the Outreach Programme which means that we will be visiting hospices, rest homes, special events and public speaking for and with, the SPCA.

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Much love
Caps, me, Spirit, Sequoia and of course, my mini's.