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Ok, so here are our last 4 Stars signs...

Aquarius:  I kind of like the Aquarians and I kind of don't.  One of their most positive qualities is that they are friendly to everybody.  They will be just as friendly towards someone they have just met as they are to you who they are having a full time, committed relationship with and this is an amazing qualitiy to own.  It's really great.  But  I have issues with that.  If you are with me then I need you to show that you are with me not treat a random stranger exactly the same.  I know!  I'm not for the faint hearted but wait, that is not the issue I have, what I can't cope with is that Aquarians can not call, text, email or meet for coffee for months and months and months and then it will be as if you have seen them yesterday.  Again, this is an extremely positive quality to own.  However, I am truly unable to cope with this in any way, shape or form.  I just cannot cope with this kind of relationship.  Call it needy, call it dysfunctional, call it whatever you bloody want but it doesn't change the end result which is I am unable to be in a relationship which can go 6 months without contact.  But moving on from my needs the Aquarians are really cool.  They are progressive, original and independent.  And they are humanitarians.  They like people but don't need other people.  They are beautifully talented people and are highly creative which means they often do super cool careers, adventures and hobbies.  They are also deep thinkers and have a high intelligence.  They love to help people so can be good at fixing situations which is again a really great quality to have.  Aquarians look at the world as a place full of possibilities.  Aquarians also need constant mental stimulation or they can be bored.  Aquarians are progressive and very modern thinking.  Not a Think outside the box as such but rather large thinking.  They are big Truth Seekers and are extremely popular with both sexes because of this.  I've heard they can be extremely beautiful lovers.  

Negative qualities:  They don't like full on emotions so are not suited to a Cancerian in either friendship or love - it's like water and oil.  They can be cold and insensitive and hate limitations and restrictions so can play around to prove that they are not restricted.  A base Energy one can also break promises very easily because it can look like a bond or tie to them.  They also hate being bored with a passion and people who disagree with them.

Pefect matches are another Aquarius, Aries and Libra.  No, no, no and NO to a Cancerian.

Capricorn:  I'm quite fond of the Capricorn's but overall I like the Earth signs. I find them quite grounding and they can be fun.  I'm not keen on the Capricorn's attention to detail as I find it too restricting though.  I mean, if they are contracted to work 9 to 5 then come 5.01 you can often have an issue which I don't like.  However, it is really great to know where you stand with a Capricorn.  The Capricorns are known to be the most determind of the Zodiac.  They are ambitious but they get their goals in a very conservative way.  They don't step outside the box as such but they do make the rules work for them and that's a real talent.  They have a single mindedness focus on their work and career and have a huge sense of responsibility.  This is excellent but they need to make sure that the duty doesn't over whelm them, that they are just not landed with fixing everything and making it better for everyone and forgetting about themselves.  The Capricorns have a lovely soft heart but often they hide it so you think that they are unemotional but nothing could be further from the truth.  They are so not.  I often think the Capricorns get a hard time from the other starsigns because they play by the rules so much, however, they are highly successful so that can't be true. Or not 100% true.  Capricorns are excellent lovers (so I've heard) but that is because they put the same kind of commitment into their love making as they do to every other area of their life.

Negative qualities:  They can be really anal.  Stubborn beyond the point of reality, workaholics, unemotional and detatched.  They can also be resentful if they over commit on responsibility and pessimistic.  

Perfect match is another Capricorn.  This match works really, really well and Virgo and Scorpio.  Cancers don't like rules so they are not a great love match.  

Leo:  There are two kinds of Leo.  One who is very extroverted, successful, funny and easy to get along with and the other is like a pussy cat, very gentle and sweet and soft in their Energy.  Both are super cool people.  I don't have any Leo friends and have never had a Leo lover though because I find their Energy either way too loud and over whelming for me or way too quiet.  I know, I know, I'm such a Goldilocks.  Bite me.  Anyhou, moving right along, Leo's are family orientated and love having family round them.  The love the concept of rules and disipline but can often have trouble following through because they like to be liked.  Leo's are action orientated and love to be in the limelight.  They also love to love.  They are super kind and big hearted which means that people love to be around them and in their company.  Leo's are enthusiastic and positive and always look at the half full glass.  They can be opinionated and strong willed though in their opinions and once they believe they are in the right, neither love, money or truth will sway them.  They will share but they can have issues sharing willingly.  Leo's love to be in control of situations which is good if you need that or that's your bag.  Leo's have mucho success in their life.

Negative qualities:  Can be overbearing and obnoxious.  Dominating, possessive and egotistical.  

Perfect match is Aries, Libra, Sagittarius.  Not a Cancer.  By now you should have realized that Cancers don't do rules, regulations, discipline or any other form of restriction or limitation.  

And our very last, but most certainly not least: 

Pisces:  Pisces are kind of cool.  They are the dreamers of the Zodiac.  It is kind of interesting to note that Pisceans normally get success after 40 not before.  So, it's like, no, no, no, no..40...Boom, baby!  And then there they are, and they are off and running.  So, if I was to say anything then I would say, It's all good, don't panic, just find your feet.  Pisceans are artistic, gentle, musical and compassionate.  Pisces are extremely friendly so often have a lot of friends, and so they should, they really are very nice people.  They are extremely selfless and often help others without expecting anything back. They have a lot of empathy and a huge emotional capacity and because of this love to sync into the cycles of the world around them and are very into nature.  They are generous and passionate and extremely faithful and caring. Pisceans don't judge which is a super cool quality to have and are really forgiving.  This is a great quality to have but they have to be careful that they are not taken advantage of because of their niceness.  You would think that because they are so emotionally giving and insync with nature that they would be a great match for Cancerians but somehow this just doesn't work out.  The Pisceans are too soft and gentle for the Cancerians.  Cancerians need a strong, hard man who won't put up with any of their sh*te but is head over hoof in love with their crazy moon ways.  Think, There is no logical explanation for this.  Anyhou, moving right along, the Pisceans love to love and they are awesome parents and those people who I know that are in relationships with a Piscean absolutely love them with a passion.  

Negative qualities: Lack of a back bone, addictions, can be too trusting, can be a victim.  

Perfect match is Virgo and Scorpio.  Not another Piscean, surprisingly enough.

Well, that's it, your favorite Psychic's take on the Starsigns from the Cancerians viewpoint.

Have a super cool week and love your Cancer girl.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit