30 Sec's on....

Someone asked me the other day what I would do if I won 50 million dollars.

....and I laughed.

To be fair, it was an involuntary reponse.

Because I live my life as if I already have all the money I want, need or desire in my life.

Now don't get me wrong, I, as I am writing this, do not have 50 million dollars, nor do I expect to have it in the next year.

However, what I do have is the ability to live my life in the frequency of Abundance.

This means that I value people over money.

I have my days in place where I spend time doing actions that matter, that make a difference.

Am I busy? 


Do I have stress? 

Sometimes.  Depending on the day - sometimes it comes down to the time of day.

Do I get angry sometimes?

OMFG...Hell to the Yes!

I'm human and I find stupid very, very trying, but...

The bones of my life are full of Abundance.

And this Abundance soaks into the very fibre of who I am, weaves itself into my DNA Tapestry, and flows like a river to the Soul of who I am.

But honestly, if I had to put a price on my life,

50 million wouldn't even come close.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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