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So one of my favourite random things to do, is go food shopping in a non-English shop.

I know!  More fun than you can imagine though.

Sometimes I end up with some not-so-great things, which is not surprising when you think about it, but sometimes, like today, I get some really cool stuff.

So there I was at the laundrette, since my washing machine is still not fixed, and guess what?  A Sri Lankan Superette has moved in next door.

So I moseyed on over and had a gander.  And what a great choice that was, because the people there were so unbelievably friendly.

They walked me through the isles explaining the foods, what to do with them, and how to cook them.

Like Jackfruit.

Jackfruit is one of those freaky life things which when it is a baby, you can't eat it raw.  You have to cook it, and then you use it as a substitute for meat.  When it is fully grown though, it is sweet and you eat it like a dessert. 

No cooking required.

That's freaking awesome.

For easier shopping though, the lovely Sri Lankans have also put things which have to be cooked before eating, all on the same shelf.  Which differed from sweet shelf and fruit shelf.

See this shelf here?  All cook.

Complete with tut-tutting and shaking of heads.

Because what had started out as one person helping had morphed into 3 people walking in front, behind and beside, me.  Hand waving, head shaking, and miming.  Especially when explaining not to eat the nut in the middle of the fruit.

We had lots of pfffft pftttt and spitting out movements.

But all jokes aside, it was a huge amount of fun.

And all because I had to use the laundrette.

Wishing you much love and courage and bucketloads of awesome.

T and Spirit


As I'm writing this I am eating Rambutan.  

Delicious chewy, white fruit type balls (spit out the stone).  And yes, it is native to Thailand but, you know...