30 Sec's on....



I don't know how you live, love, work and play with your body, but for me, I work with the Doctrine of Signatures.

Now first off, this means I listen when my body talks.  

When it tells me that it is tired, sore and sad or happy and/or energized, whichever way my body is swinging, I hear the whisper.

That's the beginning.

The second part is, What do I need to do to correct the tired, sad and/or sore? Or How can I keep myself feeling happy and energized?

Is sweet, sour, bitter, salty, Umani (savory) and Oleogustus (fattiness) calling?   And yes, fattiness is actually a thing.

Once I understand what my body is craving, I then move to the third and final stage, the Doctrine of Signatures.

Which means foods that look like what they fix.

Cashews = Brain and tummy.  Brain because it looks like a little bean (which is how I see a brain), but tummy because it reminds me of a little foetus. A nurtured, satisfied and healthy foetus. 

Which is kind of cool when you consider cashews are packed with all the nutrients that you need, if you're short on time and need a quick complete meal.

Carrots = Eyesight. Because of not just the vibrant colour, but the layers as you cut inside a carrot.  They are also particularly good for weight loss being lean and hard.

But let's really get this Doctrine of Signatures working.  Carrots are also great for sperm count and mobility.  I know, right?  That's totally random.  Science says that it is because of the chemicals in the carotenoids (colour).  But realistically, just look at your carrot and it tells you. 

Tomatoes = Blood and heart.  Actually they are great for the heart, full of potassium to reduce blood pressure and strokes.  And a tomato looks like a heart full of blood.

Pumpkin seeds = Fullness of tummy because of the colour (green) and roundness which reminds me of completions and contentment.  When I look at them I see a full tummy.  They also regulate blood sugar levels, which of course as you know, directly impacts eating and fullness.  

And expels worms.

Keeping the tummy balance of good vs evil in complete balance.

But those are just my current favourites, however every fruit and vegetable tells you what it fixes. 

Every.  Single.  One.

Have a fantastic week, full of love and courage and new beginnings.

T and Spirit