Pizza Bread

(You need a pizza stone - available from Stevens for about $20)


  • 250 mls of water
  • teaspoon of dried yeast
  • 450 grams of flour
  • 13 grams of salt (kitchen not sea) with a little black pepper added in
  • 13 grams of oil

Mix everything together in a large bowl, then lightly flour the bench, turn dough out then knead for 10 minutes. It will look like a little rectangular ball when finished. Flour bottom of bowl and put bread back in and cover with glad wrap for an hour. Cut into four loaves then knead each loaf again for a minute. Re-cover and leave for another hour. Take one loaf of bread out, put two palms on bread, stretch and turn until thin and round without hurting pizza bread.?When it looks round-ish and thin sprinkle a little olive oil then add either kawa kawa and rock salt or rosemary and rock salt or sage or whatever herbs and combinations that you desire.?Cook in highest oven, bottom element only, on pizza stone until cooked.? Put the unused (still round and unthinned) bread back in fridge, covered.

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