Kumarahou flowers
(Pomaderis Kumeraho)

I love my Kumarahou. I love the smell, the funky look that it has and just that it seems a bit "odd" for lack of better words. I have tried the dried Kumarahou leaves which is particularly known for coughs, colds, congestion, kidneys and getting rid of toxins. I personally prefer the flowers though. I find them lighter in energy and an amazing de-stresser herb. I find the flowers particularly good for anxiety, UTI's and irritable bladder. I only use dried Kumarahou flowers as a tea and have found that I can boil up a pot, drain the flowers and then put the used flowers in an airtight container in the fridge and then re-use them to make another second batch a few weeks later. How cool is that? Kumarahou flower tea can be stored in an airtight bottle (old wine bottle) etc in the fridge. What you must be careful of though is once you have finished the Kumarahou flower tea batch (wine bottle) you have made you must have a break of a day preferable two or three before you have more to let your kidneys get rid of the toxins and recharge. It is my first go to herb for anxiety. Only have one cup a day though but you won't need anymore anyway.

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