Koromiko (was Hebe stricta now reclassified as Veronica stricta)

Koromiko was again one of my surprise plants. I first tried it when I had a nasty bout of constipation and it worked wonders. However, it works both if you have diarrhea and/or constipation. This is actually quite interesting because I have noticed this quite a bit with Native New Zealand plants. They don't just correct a problem that you have, they actually correct the imbalance in the body which I find fascinating.

However, this is not why I use Koromiko. When I hurt my knee I needed something to help with the pain in the knee. I put the word around and what came back was Koromiko. I hadn't heard it used for pain before, normally it is boiled up and drunk as a tea to soothe the tummy and/or bowels so I was a little surprised but never one to shy away from trying a new plant I made a balm and Hey presto, we have a winner!

Koromiko used in a balm is a sedative. It literally calms down the area you put it on. I have to say here I have often seen it used in baby products, nappy rash etc and I assume this is why.

It is a truly beautiful plant and great for pain. I would also use it for busy legs.

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