Kawa Kawa (Macropiper excelsum)

What I love about Kawa Kawa is the way it looks. It's leaves are in the shape of a heart and you know it is ready to use because the bugs eat the leaf. How cool is that? Sometimes I think Spirit make it too easy for us to use herbs.

It is also my sons favorite ever herb! If there is any sneeze, sniffle, cough or lurgy hanging around the young one's first ever remedy is "Mum, can you put on the Kawa Kawa?" Made into a tea this is a most brilliant blood cleanser. I personally have used it just before needing to go in for an operation and my recuperation time was unbelievable. Days vs weeks. Kawa Kawa literally gets rid of the poison in your body.

I also use Kawa Kawa in a poultice to relieve swelling but I do find it a bit messy so prefer to use Kawa Kawa balm when I can. Especially put together with Lemon Balm or Lemon Verbena. I like the nurturing effect that comes with this mix.

It also has amazing abilities to heal. The young one used to get blisters on his hands from rowing when they started the summer season and Kawa Kawa balm cleared his hands up within days. I love the stuff!

However, I do have to say that there is a big hu ha at the moment that it does bad things to your liver and has been banned in Sweden (I've heard).

I guess just don't use it every day then eh?

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