Horse Sense....




I don't wish to speak to you this week.


Actually, Spirit just gave me a slap, so I'm hereby officially over, the duck-duck thang.

Nana would have said, Don't worry about it.  Start with where you're standing...

And she would have been right.

Also, if a client had presented the same scenario to me, that's exactly what I would have said.

Don't waste one bit of Energy on that.  Don't forget about it, but shelve it. Start with exactly what you have. 

But on another note, it's super funny.

Do you remember that Vet I had a falling out over re Belle as they said, Do what I say or I won't come back...

And my obvious answer, Don't let the door hit your ass.

And we never had anymore direct communication.

My old Vet came back after that and then, of course, we had that damn book.  

Full of twice daily photos, notes, foods, vitamins, minerals and just any and all notes that I thought might be important.

Nothing happened, apart from Belles getting well and we are now about a year later.

So Belles is getting her second check done, and as our normal Vet is unavailable for the next 8 weeks, guess who has stepped into their shoes?

Correct.  The other Vet.

Which is the best end result for Belles that she could possibly have got.

Mainly, because said Vet is looking for all and every not-right-thing so it can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that I did a shite job with Belles.


I'm staying away re Vet visits because attention and Energy needs to be solely focussed on Belles, but I know she's in good hands.  Nothing like someone wanting to be proved right to give you exceptional results.

You gotta love Spirit.


I've watched a lot of sunrises recently because this year has been uncomfortable for me.

I know it's been hard for people, so I've watched greed and ambition and addiction raise their ugly heads.

I've watched people steal from families and companies, and I've watched people run from one train wreck, straight smack bang into another.

And affairs?  OMFG... not to mention the random and casual of shagging with no mind to age, emotions or any form of connection other than I-don't-want-to-be-alone.

People who looked to be strong have shown themselves to be weak and small minded, egotisical and greedy.

Some peeps have shown themselves to have just been weak, not strong enough to sustain the storm.

Rain showers, yes, but when the big, thunderstorms hit, their Soul foundations were made of sand, which has been hard to watch.

Others refuse to see any storm, and live in the Everything is fine headspace, when it quite obviously is anything but, which I also find slightly disturbing.

But the laziness co-joined with self-entitlement, has blown my fucking mind.

Not to mention violence, Mental Health, and peeps talking about Suicide as if we are talking about catching up on Sunday brunch.

And the hate.

You are not the same as me hate.

You have more money than me hate.

I hate your work/religion/ethicnicity hate.

But I've also experience hate towards me as a person.

Not work, what I do or how I spend my time.  Not sexuality.  Just good ol' fashioned hate towards me as a person.

Which I've found super weird.

It's not the first time, I had something similiar about 8 years ago - and that was bad.

But this has been a completely different kettle of fish.  Personalized, aimed to do the most damage.  

To hit the hardest.  To cut the deepest.

Horses, chooks, that damn rooster, my polydactyl bundle of cuteness, Spirit and Sunrises, well, they give me peace.

Strengthen my Soul, weave the tapestry of my DNA tight and infuse on a daily basis, that which makes me and my life strong.

Gotta say though, that hate is the weirdest feeling in the Universe.

But it does not, nor can it, destroy my life and the exceptional relationships I have with friends,

...and in particular, my son.

Or my home.

Hate until you can hate no more, baby doll.


As always, take what you need, leave the rest, don't be a Fuckwit.

Kissy hugs

Caps, me (T - she/her), Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Pepper, Marmite the Second, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Riz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie, Cinammon and Mork. 

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