Horse Sense....




Man, Az is funny.

I told him this morning that I had to briefly go out to get them food, then I would come back and let them out round the house.

I can't leave them out round the house when I go out, due to them going into the big shed, tipping over the feed buckets and them then binge-ing on sweet, hard feed.

So I have to park my car in front of the shed, they can't get in, and everyone's happy.

Me.  I'm happy.

Well, at 11.30 he saw me go to my car, then literally lay down on his side, and wait for it, 


You're going to be at least an hour.  Possibly an hour and a half...

I kidd you not.

Hand on hoof, true story.

It was an hour.  Literally 59 minutes and 37 seconds.


And I wish that I could literally show you stuff here, because some of it is really fucking cool.

Like today when, wait, I have to say this, Mumma loves being groomed, however, hates with a passion, being groomed while she's eating.  

Cappy on the other hand would love to spend all day, every day, being groomed while eating.

So at breakfast this morning I said to Mumma, When you've finished, come down to the Welcome Paddock and I'll groom you.

She literally, finished her breakfast, then her and Cappy walked up, round the corner, through the gate, and came and stood at the other gate waiting for me.

But wait, when they saw me, Mumma turned around and walked into the stables to wait, while Cappy walked beside me.

And this doesn't just happen on the odd occasion, it happens all the time.


Just got my ass fired by my 80 year old farrier because I dared to say that Suz's hoof toe was still too long and could he take more off.

Well, fuck you, too.

I'm not paying you money to do a shite job.

Last photo: Suz's hoof on front  right

Middle: What the stupid farrier took off

Top: What he told me was an excellent FINISHED job.

That would be why Mumma and Cappy wouldn't come near me today.


There are no farriers to be found for love nor money which puts me in a really, really bad place.

Mumma and Cappy absolutely 100% have to get their hooves done, I can't leave it any longer.

The only person who can, when they do the mini's, is the one who had a little experience with Mumma.

Which is not perfect.

However, this farrier has been good with every other horse.

I hate this farrier-ing part of the horses.  I've seen so many farriers be wankers, that what I'm talking about is not uncommon.

In fact, if I'm being honest, no one understands why I'm being muppety about the whole thing.

Apart from Mumma.  Mumma wants me to be muppety.

On a positive note, I'm in with Mumma and Cappy twice a day, we're working on that Horse/human door and that beautiful Frequency... and working damn hard.

That's the wrong word and not what I mean.

We're intensely working in a concise and synoptic way, on an intimate basis.


Well, well, well eh?

As I'm bitchin' and whinging about farriers, other people are starting to speak out, too.


And I did look at farriering myself, but that's a hard no.  

It really is extremely specialized and takes years to get right.

But our laws here, mean that anyone who does a weekend course can call themselves a farrier.

No wonder our horses complain.

That will also be why farriers turn up, then stop.  They're cutting the wrong way and upsetting the horses hooves, and when they realize that, they leave.

AND why it's taken so long to get ontop of laminitis here.


Three good things and two ummmmmmm-not-too-sure came out of the new Government:

1) Reverse the Therapeutic Products Act 2023 - this should never have been passed in the first place.

2) Ensure a 'National Interest Test' is undertaken before New Zealand accepts any agreements from the UN and its agencies that limit national decision-making, and reconfirm that New Zealand's domestic law holds primacy over any International agreements.

3) Protect Freedom of Speech by ruling out the introduction of Hate Speech legislation and stopping the Law Commission's work on Hate Speech legislation.

You cannot call someone who doesn't agree with you Hate Speech. 

Purely, for that reason alone, I support the Protect Freedom of Speech legislation.  

I'm not too happy about them stopping children from learning about the different sexualities and Gender Identities, as I've known too many children (often as young as 4) who literally were born into the wrong body, so pretending that sexuality or Gender Identity is a choice, is not working for me.

I also want to see more work done on why we have so many issues with Gender Identity now, what's the Original Sin ie: What has started this? 

Give money to our Scientists, especially our young ones, to find out why.

And the ummms... 

1) The new National-Act-New Zealand First Government has agreed to throw out laws before next March that restrict the number of retailers allowed to sell cigarettes, ban those born after 2008 from buying them and cut the amount of nicotine allowed in tobacco. 

It is (or was) a good thing that kids can't start smoking.  However, I wasn't then, keen on smoking for adults being regulated and as to where they can, or cannot, buy them.

I am, however, not surprised that they over-turned this bill, considering that this bill accounts for $500 million a year plus in tax revenue from tobacco sales for the Government. 

2) Ensure, as a matter of urgency in establishment and completion, a full scale, wide ranging, independent inquiry conducted publicly with local and international experts, into how the Covid pandemic was handled in New Zealand.

Knowing what I know now re the Vaccine, I really want an inquiry into it - but the Vaccine, NOT Covid, because if you really knew what I dealt with on this side of the computer, re the Vaccine, it would turn your stomach.

And you, too, would have demons chasing you at night.


Oh, and while you're saying that there is NO recession, I got this from one of my farmer friends today:

Just thought I would show you what farmers are dealing with.

This time last year sold Ewes for $114 this year $59

Lambs Last year $160 this year $110

So this is why you might have many stressed farmers on you hands and apparently it is going to get worse with price drops but all expenses have increased.

You need to stop being tapped with the Stupid Stick, babe, because we're in fucking trouble here in New Zealand.

Actually, let me ask you two questions:

Where is the Government going to get its taxes from if it's not the Farmers?


Where do you think your food comes from?

Tap tap...Tap tap...Tap tap...


We had an exceptional day farrier-ing.

From the time I got up, I put things in place so that we succeeded.

From massaging, listening to music, grooming, lavender oil and hanging out waiting in the stables...well, by the time farrier (the one we use for the mini's but that we had had that experience with) turned up, complete with appretice that she is training, everything was aligned and in place.

It was fucking surreal.

In fact, Cappy was holding up his hoof so that apprentice could see exactly what was going on, and how you trim it.

That apprentice is going to be very, very good, once he's trained.

As young as he is, he's a Horseman.

But to be fair, I don't know how we fucked up so badly last time, because everyone would admit, not just me, that it was a right clusterfuck - no one was happy.

Today, it was like every single horse and person, was on their best game.

...and Mumma's super happy.

Oh wait...something else had happened, for the past 48 hours I had said to Mumma, Your attitude needs to change.  This is not how we act here.  I love you, and I want you to be family, but if you keep acting like this, you can't live here and you'll have to leave. 

But that's not what I want.

You know it's going to be years, if not decades, before I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that the horses hear me.


Reflexology is working really well.

Unfortunately, I have a huge amount of mucus everywhere now though.  So maybe, working kinda well haha.


So that's been our week:

Take what you need, leave the rest, don't be a Fuckwit.

Kissy hugs

Caps, me (T - she/her), Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Rose, Pepper, Shelley, Marmite, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon. 

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