Horse Sense....





So what have I learnt about chickens?

1) They need a Rooster.

This annoys me more than you can possibly imagine.  Not because I don't love Pat, no, no, I do.  I love waking up to him in the morning.  It's just that on a primal level, it annoys me that the bloody chooks can't look after themselves. 

Actually, that's not 100% accurate.  They can.  They just don't want to.

They want that bloody Rooster to look after them - to protect them, herd them...

And he wants to protect and herd them.  Actually, he gets super excited doing this. 

So technically, it's a match made in Heaven, but...

Anyway, taking being morally and ethically challenged aside, I bloody love having them.

2) Chickens are smart.

They know when it's night time and rock up to their home, snuggle up, and go to sleep.

3) They have distinct personalities.

So there I am at night, calling them by name...Lily....Pepper...Rose...


Onto not such great news:

And as you are reading this, Humphrey (to my big disappointment, is a Rooster) and One, have gone to Rooster Heaven.

You and I knew that this might happen, and it did.

I cannot have 3 Roosters to 7 chickens.  The Roosters fight, upset the chickens, and then the chickens stop laying eggs and lose their feathers.

I tried to re-home them, but the only choices were:

1) Give to the Rooster Man, who sells them to be put in a pot, boiled and eaten.

2) Sold as sacrifices to get a spell moving - I kidd you not - where they would have been be-headed and well, sacrificed.

This is 100% NOT what I do, and sits smack bang, in the Black Magick Realm.  I've heard it's a good way to get rid of annoying ex's, neighbours, bring more money in etc but it's just not my bag. 

I've heard it''s a little hotbed of sacrifices at the moment around here though, however, under no circumstances, will my Roosters be part of this. 

Although to be fair, a Psychic's Rooster, hand reared, free ranged and organic, would have gone for close to a $1000, about 7 x the going rate.

3) Let them stay, have more baby chickens, and some of those also become Roosters. 

That was irresponsible, no matter which way I looked at it.

Those were really shite choices.

My lovely neighbour came down one night, necking them (For Spirit's sake DO NOT Google that word), then took them home and gave them a little burial.

Rest in Chicken Heaven, dudes xx


And we're fencing, fencing, fencing and fencing.

Last night I found myself doing it in the bloody pitch black.

To be fair, it did get dark really quickly and I shouldn't have taken so long to do it.  But to be fair, Spirit kept changing their mind.

Spirit had nudged me in the afternoon and gone, You need to put tape up here, here, here...wait, we want that hot taped...

So I had to go down the road and get what I needed, then realized I hadn't got enough, so just did what Spirit had marked as urgent, and shut the paddock by the driveway that they were worried about, off. 

Go me.


Then I had to find fencer.  

OMFG these guys are not easy to find.  Or get quickly.  However, I did manage to track one down, he came and gave a quote and hopefully (fingers crossed) is turning up tomorrow.  He did send me a text today though explaining what I needed to pick up and where from, which I found helpful.

Not so much, when I went to pick it up (after calling them) and realized that:

a) I had left my bag behind, complete with everything I needed i.e: money and

b) they deliver (which they are going to do first thing tomorrow) and 

c) I was on the red line for diesel.

A delightful round trip of nearly an hour, where I accomplished fuck all.  However, I also didn't run out of gas, so you know, it was a win of sorts.  

Anyway, always where I should be, so you know, it's all good.


You bloody rockstar!!

I'm really happy for you. I know how hard you've worked, and how important tonight was for you xx


Found out why the guys offered to deliver as soon as they saw me yesterday...

Works out what I had ordered was 4, 150 x 40 planks of wood.

For those of you mathmatically challenged like moi, that's bloody large.  Think 2 possibly,  2 and a half ute sizes.

Kudos to the guys that they didn't roll around the floor laughing, when I rocked up to pick it up.


My top rule in business is:

I never assume someone is less intelligent than me.

That belief has saved my bacon more times than I can count.


We've been working in a very different way with our frequency here. 

I've taken away all human limitations of what I have been taught will work, and I just work in the way that it does work.  .  

And that is some kind of magick.

It's hard work, but more because I have to let go of what I think I know, and just do my thing.  Which is working amazingly in some respects, not so much in others.

With the horses and my Old Reader ways of working outside of limitations, awesome.  With humans, no.  I just get tired.  

I'm not sure that I'm explaining it that well, so let me try again.

When I'm working on the frequency, I'm sweet.  I can work around time, distance, words and physical limitations.

Then you get humans, who wish me to justify or make sense of that which you can't. 

And I can't.

So that can be challenging.  I'm like, Tell me where you're standing...  but after I listen to them, I'm like, Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh.... when I realize, right back when, right back at the very beginning, they didn't hear what I said.

And we are getting super tight on food here.  Everything has to be feeding the physical body, while nourishing the soul.  

It's a work in progress, but there are times where I get it absolutely perfect.


Thought I'd lost Rose and Petal today!

Worked out, they like exploring so had left the tribe and were over hanging out in the compost area.  Breathe.  Breathe.

And bloody Rose is the first chicken in the chook house at night, but if I don't keep an eye on her, she sneaks back out, like a bloody teenager!

She's super cute though...


Fences all done and painted.  I did the painting bit.  But they're awesome, and I'm super happy.


The bloody High Priestess and Seven of Swords cards keeps jumping out at me.  Everytime I'm round my cards, there they are, just looking at me.  

This is not 100% good. 

The High Priestess is one of my favourite cards but always, always speaks of the Old Ways, your connection to the physical World, while lifting the Veil and stepping into the Spirit World.  She's super cool, I love her. 

However, the Seven of Swords speaks of sneaky ass Energy, 1 + 1 = 3, and generally peeps doing stuff which they are ashamed of.  I mean, don't get me wrong, they're still doing it, but ashamed they're doing it.

Anyway, no surprises there, the stuff I see peeps do for money would chill your soul.  

I'm not too worried though, our home is safe, the young one and I are tight, our horses are fantastic, my work is exceeding expectations and this frequency is mind blowing.  Whatever is going to happen is only outside stuff, it won't hit the heart and soul of us. 


So that's been our week:

It's been really busy in phyiscal ways.  Spirit have been like, Do this, change that... which I really appreciate.  They're never wrong when they tell me to get my shite together, so I'm trying to keep up.  A little bit of City Attitude has snuck in a bit, but to be fair, when I'm working this hard, I can't be arsed with, Well, maybe I could do this... possibly I might be able to do that... 

Seriously?  That attitude doesn't really work for me.

I know, I know, patience is a virtue.

Obviously, one that I'm still lacking.

But all jokes aside, the stuff I'm learning on the frequency, is beyond anything I have ever dealt with before. 

It's like Alice in Wonderland, but the adult, super cool, version.

Big hugs and horsey kisses from us here, to you there.

Caps, me, Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Daisy, Delilah and Donz and our new chickens, Rose, Petal, Kai-Anne, Pepper, Lily, and Shelley.