30 Sec's on....

Ok, so I have to write this today, because honestly, some of this is pretty funny.

I have been in a period where I have been dealing with the Service industry quite a bit.  Now that's you providing me with a service not serving me, per se.

I have the hugest respect for waiters and waitresses.

But it has been a super long time since companies have given me the giggles like this because, and in no particular order, somehow everyone has got what service means, all messed up.

I've dealt with a man who I've previously dealt with, done physical business with, with actual real money, who has stood in front of me and pretended he didn't know me.

There's been orders made, but not received, while I have sent emails (no reply), more emails (still no reply) while getting marketing emails about how well this company is doing, how they are dealing with people very much more rich and famous than you and I, and in the last memorable marketing email, told me that they were now cutting the price.

While I'm still waiting for my paid order (6 weeks and counting) at the old, bigger price.

I've found out that something I bought 8 years ago, is not what it was sold to me as.

I've watched people deal in high thousands of dollars wearing shorts, t-shirts and jandals (and no, not the Designer stuff but the fell off the bed last night and lay crumpled in the corner kind) because, well, Fuck, What were they thinking?

Personally, I believe it shows a distinct lack of pride in yourself and a non-belief that they can actually be successful.  

I don't know, maybe they think they're too cool to dress up.  Frankly, a man who is a slob in the way he dresses is a slob everywhere. 

Especially the bedroom.  Icccckkk.

To be fair, I can't prove that last theory, because I refuse point blank to even entertain the idea of sleeping with someone who puts so little effort into themselves, I'm just like, Ummmmm...thanks but no, we're not suited.

And they lie.

Seriously, this I can prove.  I think it is something to do with the Base Energy they live in and the un-Truths that walk hand in-hand with it.

And I have to mention this, because it's just so damn weird, Please and Thank you, are words that have gone out with the Ark.

Which I just can't get my head around.  How do you even get to school age, let alone adulthood, without these two beautiful words being a major part of your vocabulary.

But there seems to be this huge sense of entitlement these days, as if people got up one day and said, I deserve this!  

Then just sat back and waited.

So I guess what Spirit want to say today is this:

You don't deserve anything, hunny.  

Correct.  You read that right.

There is nothing on this Earth that you deserve, apart from the breath that you were given, and that you now have.

So kick that self entitlement attitude to the curb,

...before you drown in your own fabulousness.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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