30 Sec's on....

So, I'm hearing about some unusual Therapies at the moment.

There are some though, which people are telling me fantastic things about.

Like Oxygen Therapy - super expensive at like $2000 a throw, but it does get results.  

It's used for:

Pre and Post Operation Recovery, Brain Fog, Concussion, Long-term Chronic Conditions, Positive Aging (Early stage Dementia or Alzheimers), Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery Healing.

Those last ones can get eye-watering expensive, as you can be looking at almost $20,000.

I guess they work on the theory that if you can afford Plastic Surgery, you can afford $20,000 to Heal well.

But anyway, I'm not here to judge you on what you spend your money on.

What has got me interested though is Sandplay Therapy.

Sandplay Therapy is based on the Depth Psychology of CG Jung and on the ‘World Technique’ originated by Margaret Lowenfeld, an innovative Paediatrician and Founder of one of the first Psychological clinics for children in England in 1928. Lowenfeld set up the classical tools later adapted by Sandplay Therapy, a tray filled with sand and miniatures allowing to represent inner Psychological contents in the creation of a three dimensional world, using a sandtray of sand, water and miniatures in the creation of images within the ‘free and protected space’ of a defined Therapeutic relationship.

The sand tray creates an ongoing dialogue between the Conscious and the Unconscious aspects of the client’s psyche, which activates a Healing process and the development of the personality.

That actually sounds really good.


Are there any client groups for whom Sandplay Therapy is not suitable?

In general, Sandplay Therapy is inadvisable:

- If the practitioner has not experienced a personal, in-depth process with a qualified Sandplay Therapist in order to have first-hand knowledge of the power of the technique. 

- Strong resistance to Sandplay.

- Insufficiently developed maturational level.

- Excessive Emotional Energy.

- Poor Ego strength, as in Psychotic, Severely Dissociated, or Border-line clients and/or Obsessive-compulsive Ritualistic Behaviour and Thinking.

And this is where things get a little shady for me.  

So if Sandplay doesn't work for you, then it is because you are:

Egotisical, Sceptical, Immature, Emotional and/or have Mental Health issues?

Well ok then, but if I may be so bold here, Who the fuck does it work for?

Anyway, there are a whole heap of New Therapies out there, and it is up to you to decide what's right for you...but check in with yourself first.

What are you hoping to achieve? 

How do you think you're going to get there?

Kissy hugs

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