30 Sec's on....

You know, Scamming isn't new.

I know that it seems massive these days, and to be fair, it is more intricate and intelligent, if I can use that word, but it's most certainly, not new.

There's been Scams as long as I've been in this Industry and to be fair, most probably since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

In fact, guaranteed, there would have been one Caveman going, Hey Steve, about that boulder...

But all jokes aside, don't make contact with me after the fact, hoping that I can wave a Magick Stick and get your money back.

I can't.  It's gone, Baby doll.

But I do want to share a story that happened to me, it must be 28 years ago now.

And it went like this:

I was doing my Nationwide radio slots and was going round the North Island doing Mini, that weren't even Tours, just mini places that I would go to Read in person for people who wanted a Reading from me.

Well, there I was one day, and I greeted this woman and she side eyed me.

I'm here for Tania.

Yes...that's me...Hi!

Silence while she side eyed me again.

No, I'm here for Tania Kettle.

At this point I'm getting a super weird vibe as the whole trip had been a bit, well, weird.  Just not like normal.  

I had just put it down to Crazy-Ass-Moon Energy and done my work.

Yes.  That's me.  Tania Kettle.

No.  I want the other one.



The one that came through 6 weeks ago.  She's really good.  In fact, all my friends LOVED her.

And that my friend, was my first Scam.

It also worked out that I actually knew her.

She had visited my home and tried to shag my boyfriend at the time. 

And my ex-husband.

In hindsight, I would have happily gifted her both.

But all jokes aside, Scams are, and have always been, around.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

...but don't get caught twice.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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