30 Sec's on....

I thought about writing about the Year of the Wood Dragon, but in the end I decided against it.

Mostly because I've already spoken about this year being a Karmic year ie: What you have already done is being gifted back to you, and secondly,

I want you to own your choices this year.

I want you to be your best self.

Live your dreams.

Continue to create.

And I have to say here, there are some super talented, just-plain-good-ol'-fashioned-stubborn-ass-refuse-to-give-up, kind of peeps out there.

Creating mind blowing things.

Refusing to give up.

No matter how many No's, or set backs, or ridicule they're getting.

And Spirit love that.

Spirit love you.

Live your best life.

Be your best person.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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