30 Sec's on....

My Pops, who has been passed now for 22 years, came back to see me in Dreamstate last night.

Only the third time ever.

The first time it was to tell me he was ok.  That was a big thing, because I had asked him to, and his go-to phrase had always been, No.  Dead is dead.

What he meant was:

Your heart will break, poppet.  Don't look back.

The second time was when I wanted to buy a very young, extremely large and unschooled, 2 year old colt.

He actually yelled at me and kept on yelling.

That was unpleasant.

And the third time was last night.

I cannot speak of what he said, because I do not wish to nudge this Energy in the slightest way.

This Energy is vulnerable and fragile, and even the slightest touch, could manipulate and change its flow to the wrong direction.  

But I have to say that I am truly grateful for him last night.  There is something weirdly other-worldly and magickal, in seeing your Spirit person again, and speaking directly with them.

Although my heart hurts a little this morning. 

My Soul is fragile with grief, Soul connections, and Love.

But I understand why our Soul peeps can't come back, we would never finish our grief. 

Or fully live again.

However, one of my other Spirit peeps who I also loved, comes back all the time.

But our relationship is different.

She comes in and is like, I told you, you didn't understand.


Why did they do that, that doesn't make any sense...  

or my favourite...

Didn't I say, No?

But there's also been a lot of:

I said this would happen....Look!  Almost to the day.  


I told you...I told you...I told you...it's not my work, it's watching the trainwreck happen after.  


Whoop!  Whoop!  How's that for clever? (doing a little hu-hu dance).


She understands my work a lot better these days.

I mean she was always smarter about my work than anyone else, but now she really, really gets it.

I've been super lucky with my Spirit peeps though, and even though my heart hurts this morning, I still feel lucky.


Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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