30 Sec's on....

These are unusual times.

I mean, you have heard me use the phrase, Out of Chaos comes Opportunity, a lot...and I mean, a lot, this year.

Which is not normally something that I would say.

My Go-to phrases sound more like this:

Put on your Big Girl pants

Harden up, cupcake

It's not rocket science, make better choices 

Or my personal favourite,

How the fuckity fuck fuck did you get that action out of those words?

See?  Similiar, but different.

But I've been thinking, because this year has been odd in any way that you judge these things. 

I've watched things work when there is no way on this Green Earth they should have, yet I've seen other things which should have had the Midas Touch, curl up and die.

There literally has been no rhyme nor reason to how things have worked this year.

However, if I really get down to brass tacks, this year can be described in just one teensy-tiny word, Karmic.

What you have previously sown, is what you are currently reaping.



Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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