30 Sec's on....


My bestest, and most favourite phrase at the moment is, This is non-sustainable.

And I'm using it everywhere, in relationship to anything, in which it may be suitable.

Which works out to be a lot of the time.

And loosely translated, it means this:

Have you lost every single brain cell you own? 

On what fucking planet are you living on that this even looks like an option?

You do not have enough hands to plug all the holes in this rabid-pig-dog-warthog of an idea. 

And last, but most certainly not least, How the fuck do you plan on keeping this stupid-ass plan alive, without oxygen, longer than tomorrow, 5pm?  

I know, right?

I'm very proud of myself.

You:  My new idea is...

Me:  We should re-look at this, this is non-sustainable.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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