30 Sec's on....

Ok, so we (Spirit and I) have got some exciting news!

We love to put back into the Community, and have done so ever since I started in this Industry - over 30 years ago now. 

It was always anonymous, and certainly nothing that we ever talked about.  Mostly because it wasn't your business, and if I'm being honest, it still isn't. 

However, this is just too cool not to share.

Because we want you to be a part of it, and follow this journey(s).

But let me back track a little here, because there is a back story.

One of Liams friends from High School, Richard, became one of our close friends, and like Liam and Andre, chose study after High School.

But at a different University, then took some time off to travel, before restarting his studies.

Andre has just finished his Doctorate, and Liam graduates his Doctorate, next May, 2024. 

Andre has also just competed his Clinical Psychology studies.  He has a particular love of supporting individuals with their Mental Health and Emotional Well-being.

Liam as you know, is completing his PHD in Human Factors Psychology, which to you and me, means how people interact wiith technology and the environment - focussing more on the autonomous vehicle technology side of things.

Richard is studying Conservation, Ecology and Evolution and part of him completing his Masters, is him voluneering in Cyprus, at the Cyprus Wildlife Rescue Institute (CWRI).

Richards field is Turtles.

Finding out about them, where they give birth, why they choose that spot and all things turtle-y.

And this is where things get interesting...especially broken turtles, which the CWRI rescue, fix, then re-home back to the ocean.

Which is what we here, have decided to get involved in, and sponsor.

We love the idea of helping a broken turtle that would otherwise die, get the help it needs to be fixed, then be re-homed, back to it's natural habitat of the ocean.

No money goes to people.

We are not sponsoring Richard, nor is he getting any money from us.

We are also not paying any of the CWRI wages.

The money we are donating just goes to the turtles.


This (below) is part of the work that Richard is doing, finding out where and why turtles lay where they do.

The red is the layer that is permantently wet, the blue is relatively dry, but has a clear darker colour than the dry sand above, and so is moderately wet.  Then the dry sand behind, you see all the turtle nests with all those picket signs, which are used to identify every nest along the beaches.  

At all the beaches it is exactly the same.

This is a rescued juvenille sea turtle, who had been hospitalized with left humeral dislocation and left flipper amputation, caused by a discarded plastic fishing line.

This is what your no-longer-needed plastic, thrown into the ocean does...

And no, turtle legs don't grow back, baby doll.

Not a turtle, but shows another part of the work that CWRI do - this is the, CWRI Wildlife Hospital and Rehab Centre.

There are two (2) Macaques (monkeys) here at the moment, and both are doing well.

The Exotic Animal Trade is unfortunately a problem, so CWRI have many rescues of weird and wonderful creatures.

However, we here, are only focussing on the rescuing of broken turtles, and the re-homing of them back to their ocean.

Watch this space.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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