30 Sec's on....

Oh well, well, well, eh?

Guess what companies are being naughty little munchkins?

Works out quite a few, baby doll.

And how did moi find this out?

There's been so much in the papers, and spoken to me recently about scammers that:

a) I checked my debitcard account and 

b) I checked two automatic payments.

The first one gave me a refund of $150 as two (2) companies who I had not bought things from, but had signed up to their newsletter, had charged my card.


For things I didn't even want.

Under the guise of One Month Free Trial - then charged my card immediately.

Both, when challenged, promptly gave my money back.

Then I checked the automatic payments.

One was for something that we country folk have ALL been caught on - downing the speed limit from 100 to 80km's, then putting speed cameras in immediately.

There's not one person I know who hasn't been caught at least once.

Secondly, I found an automatic payment for something which I believed had been paid years ago.  So why was it still going out?

Good question, 99!

When I eventually tracked the company down, and it wasn't a 2 minute jobby, the actual bill had been paid years ago, but the company had just, and were still, charging interest.

At a rate that it would never be paid off.

What the fuckity fuck fuck?

It's all sorted, or mostly as I'm writing this, but you need to go and check your accounts, baby doll.

I'm smart yet I got caught, I want you to be smart, too.

ps:  Also checked my phone account and some Miscellaneous Charges had snuck in too - a refund of almost $400 there.

Just thought you'd like some eye candy this morning xx

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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