30 Sec's on....

What I'm loving this week is talking with my practioners.

As you know, I believe in the Four Corners of Health, which are based on Spiritual, Mental and Emotional, Physical, and Family and Social well-being.

Sounds easy, right?

Actually, no.

When you really get down to brass tacks, to have complete balance in all 4 areas, can, on some days, be nigh on impossible.

Which is why I'm working closely with two practioners at the moment.

Because life is busy.

Crazy, chaotic, insanely un-hinged, busy.

So my Acupuncturist works on my phsyical body, keeping everything in balance, while I am doing physcial exercise.

My Cranial Osteopath works on making sure that none of the outside crazy, doesn't call me home, then cling like a death limpet, to my Soul.

I've got the Spiritual side of things covered, and Liam and I actively and pro-choice, work on positive family dynamics.

We choose to see the best in each other.

To celebrate what has been a success in the past week, talk about what might not have worked, and whether we are still on track with original Plan A or that's been kicked to the curb and  NEW  PLAN  A  in neon orange flashing lights, is now the go.

And we laugh.  There's always a funny story we get to share.

Add in happy horses, a couple of friends who understand, and accept, my almost phobic dislike of being out in the cold (when there's no horses involved) and total inability to do social small talk, and....well, holding my breath, crossing my fingers and doing a little prayer, we're doing pretty damn ok here.

So I am sending my Spirit Fairy Godpoppa to you (he's a lend, not a keep, mind),

....to check in, and make sure that you, too, are doing great. 

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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