30 Sec's on....


So there I was in town, minding my own business, today.

Ok, fine, maybe not 100%, but at that exact moment - and just before I started home, decided to pick up a product from my favourite Fresh Food place.

Then forward thinking, I decided that while I was in the vicinity, I would stop in and get a lemon cupcake, from the place 100 metres up the road.

Working on the theory, that I just didn't have time to bake a whole cake.

Go me...delegation Boss.

And here is where things get a bit tricky.

I spied a parking space, on the opposite side to where I was driving.  A slanted space, with extra space, because it was at the end, but, and here is the dodge bit, slanted opposite to where I would pull in.

So slant would go one way, I would be parking opposite way, but no big deal because there was an extra half car space.

So I parked.

Ordered my lemon cupcake, went down to my other shop to pick up what I needed, came back, picked up cupcake and Hello! someone had parked inbetween my car and the next.

Parked is not accurate.

They had squished in, 3/4 of the way.

Effectively blocking me in.

No problem, I thought, she'll see me get in and move.


She was talking on the phone.  So I waited a couple of minutes for her to finish her call.

She wasn't finishing.

So I got out and tapped on her window. 

She pretended she didn't see me.  Kept talking.

I tapped again.

She ignored me more.  

I tapped a third time.

She hung up the phone, but wait....she then called someone else and started talking.

And herein, lies the issue.

That's now taking the piss.

But then we had a curve ball...

There's a cop car parked on the opposite side of the road, 60 metres down.  

But, neither of us knew whether there was actually a cop inside.  They too, might just have parked to go get some lunch.

So we had a Mexican stand-off.

She either had to leave or I had to back off.

She's tossing up whether the cop is actually in the car, I'm deciding what my chances are that I'm in the right, that my registration and warrant are up to date, and do I currently have Road User Miles?

Realised that I most probably wouldn't get arrested, that I was mostly up-to-date, I was there first, and could most probably talk myself out of anything else.

So promptly went and sat on her bonnet....and all hell broke loose.

She's off her phone like it's the she-Devil from beyond, the windows down, her engines on, and she is screaming like a banshee at me.

I politely moved, she screeches out, throwing obsenities about my driving skills, yelling about how I should be arrested, learn how to park, and flipping me the bird as she's weaving up the road, and smoke is coming out the back of her car.

And she was a lovely young, well presented, lass, too. 

In a nice car.

Hand on hoof, true story.


Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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