30 Sec's on....

I am so mad about the Folic Acid Bill being passed in Government, I can't speak.

That the Government thinks I'm too stupid to look after my own health, is beyond words.

And it's being put in our flour because...wait for it....it stops Spina bifida in pregnant women.

So I have four questions for you:

1) Are you currently pregnant?

2) Are you, in the foreseesable future,  planning on being pregnant?

3) Are you of an age group where pregnancy might be an option?

4) Were you born a woman with a functioning uterus?

The risks your Government didn't tell you is that Folate (the natural kind of Folic Acid that you get from green leafy vegetables) is NOT the same as the Folic Acid which is synthetically made in the Lab.

The natural form of Folate, what you don't need, you pee out.

The synthetic kind is made in the lab, and you can't pee out if you have too much.

Instead it builds up and causes Depression.  

It has also knowingly, been linked to Prostate Caner.

I told you, way back when, that you couldn't just lie down.

That you wouldn't be respected for complying with the Mandate, instead, it would be seen that other Mandates could, and would, in the forseeable future, happen.

And look where we are standing right now.

You have big problems which have just been gifted to you, and through your lack of backbone and do-lally-dip-shite thinking of, It'll be ok, the Government is looking out for meyou have bought trouble to my door.

And I'm never happy when that happens.

So my gloves are off, baby doll, expect the words fat, Mental Health and Ownership being regular, and repeat words, that I will now be using.

But I'm also a cool chick, so I will, at times, help. 

Although I'm so damn mad with you right now, I'm wildly swinging from one emotion to the other.

However, nothing beats home cooking, even for the mankiest of moods, so while I'm still being mad at you, here are some of my favorite and much loved, recipes for you.

Not typed, photographed, because I want you to see, this is what I use, no tricky mini's.

But these are my recipes based on me - an almost 54 year old, 5'9", 80kgs (based on what clothes I can fit, and can't), olive skinned, brown eyed, Professional Clairvoyant who talks with horses, with an (almost) 30 year old son.

Play round with these recipes as you wish, just don't add 10 extra "good" things to make them better.

Don't make me yell at you.


Ciabatta bread

* I use fresh Rosemary, but use whatever herb you want. 

You do you.

It is so easy a 5 year old could do it.

Leave in fridge for 8 hours to 4 days before you bake.

Wait 30 minutes before slicing, after taking from oven.

It needs this time to fully get its mojo magick.

All salt, in every recipe, is Murray River Salt from the Australian Murray River.  Can only be bought at Simon Gaults Deli at the moment. 

Let me know if you find it anywhere else.

If you can't get that, I guess use Rock Salt.  Don't, for fucks sake, use normal table salt.



* Using cashew (for serotonin) and walnuts (for brains).

You can use macadamia's (whole proteins), but don't use almonds - too many decrease your seratonin levels, and don't use pistachios as they have melatonin and will put you to sleep.

Also, no to brazil nuts - you should only be having 3 a day, maximum.  However, they are awesome for selium.

If you don't have LSA then use almonds, and blitz them in the processor so they are all smooth and non-chunky.

* Don't put loads of seeds in - change daily as you feel ie: add per meal, per day.

* Don't put dried fruit in - use as you feel.

* This weeks flavours were: brown sugar and ginger and I completely dropped the chilli.

Depending on how I am feeling when I create, I add either more or less, ginger, chilli and sometimes more brown sugar (but always what the recipe states for brown sugar is what is needed).  

Lemon  Cake - super delicious, very lemony and extremely dense.

For lovers of All-Things-Lemony only.

* I only ever use Anchor butter.

Plum and Peach Cake - it is Mystical. 

Only to be eaten first thing in the morning, in the dead of Winter, when the cold is in your bones, and it's raining.


Eat hot out of the oven, with fresh cream or ice cream.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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