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So you and I need to have a little tutu about Spirituality today.

Well, maybe relationships.

Mostly Spirituality.

Actually, maybe I'll just start talking, and you can make up your own damn mind.

So I've had some very bizarre conversations recently, about people telling me how Spiritual they are.

Which is nice.  I always like to know how you look at you.

But then, they have followed that up with statements like:

And the tracker wasn't that expensive after all!  I bought it and it will turn up within the next 5 days.


So when I checked his phone, he had been texting S.  I knew it!

or my personal favourite:

OMFG that Hacker was expensive! Like Whoooooooooooo.... but WOW he got everything that he had deleted.  Sex videos, messages, phone chats...


I have an issue with you using the word, Spirituality and these actions in the same sentence.

Because for me, they don't belong together.  It's like water and oil.

Or ice cream and gherkins.

They just don't fit. 

And when I hear the phrase, In a relationship, you can't just do what you want, I literally feel my womb contract.

Whoa....back the truck up here.  Why would I get into a relationship to be less?

And, if you liked me enough to be in a relationship with me, why the fuck are you now trying to change the Soul core of who I am?

And when we're talking about Spirituality, to me, it is not about worshiping a God, however, it does mean that I believe in a Higher Power than me.

That in my Tapestry of Life that I weave, a Divine Power is threaded through the DNA Soul of it.

But when I put this into real Black and White terms, this means that I live my authentic life.

And when I say that I do whatever I want, whenever I wish, with whomever I desire, in whichever way I choose, this does not mean that I practice open relationships, or poly relationships (not that they are bad - they're just not my bag).   

However, it does mean that I do not have a working relationship with envy, greed, jealousy, possessiveness or any other of their nasty ass friends.

An authentic life literally means that I live wiith no limitations or boundaries or restrictions. 

Built on a foundation of honesty, loyalty and fidelity.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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