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My Soul is not happy today.

And this is purely because I got something I wanted, and now it works out that this is something that I really, really do not wish to have.

Let me explain:

Right back yonder, I signed the Euthanasia Bill.

Thinking, in my naviety, that it was a brilliant idea.

And to be fair, in theory, it is.

Because the first time I came into contact with it, it worked brilliantly.

He was a beautiful 82 year old man, who found out that he had serious health issues.   He chose to terminate, then popped off before it happened.

A win on all sides.

But the second one has broken my heart.

She is a 50 year old woman, with three children all under the age of 25.

None are married yet.  None have their own children.

She also hasn't done half the things she wanted to yet. 

She was waiting;

For more time.

Extra money.

And then just like that, her time ran out. 

Actually, it ran out 10 days ago, when some random tests came back that every part of her body had Cancer.

There is not one millimetre of a chance of rehabilitation.

In fact, as I'm writing this, she has been given days.

And she has chosen Euthanasia two weeks from now.

If she is still living.

Which brought me to a conversation I had with a girlfriend about this, and she said how much courage it must take to knowingly have a needle that will kill you.

She said she couldn't. 

I said I could. 

And would if the situation ever arose.

Which then brought up another conversation where the daughter had watched, and held her hand, as her Mum made the Euthanasia journey.

The daughter is still in Therapy almost two years later.

Because, and you would think I would have already known this, the reality of Death, is nothing like the concept of it.

But I'm getting off my subject, I'm not happy.

I have no problem with Death, and I have no problem with you choosing your Death, but, and this is the big thing, 

Could you hold the hand of the person you loved, as they walked the path, and knocked on the Door of Death?

And what happens to you, when that door opens?

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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