30 Sec's on....



So inbetween now and May 5th, is when Spirit are pulling some major ass cards out.

I kidd you not.

There is batshite crazy Energy around - and it is all about relationships.

Business, intimate lovers and partners, friendships and family.

And Spirit want to know what your fit is, in your relationships. 

Like a glove?  Salt and pepper?  Or is it more of, Elmer Fudd and them there wabbits?

And then Spirit want to know about not just the balances or imbalances in the relationships that you have, but the intent.

Do you always instigate the play dates?

Are you the one to phone, text or email to keep the relationship or friendship alive and breathing?

Do you emotionally get back what you are giving out or are people around you taking what they haven't earnt?

And more to the point, Is this a repeat theme in your relationships?

Actually, if I could label this Energy with one word, it would be, Greedy.

Expect the unexpected.

Or as one of my favourite peeps would say, It's balancing the Mojo time, Motherfucker.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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