30 Sec's on....



So it works out, in 360 days, I will be (as I am writing this), the proud owner of a 30 year old son.

Which is both super awesome, and very bloody weird.

Super awesome, because honestly, he is a beautiful human being.

Very bloody weird, because next is going to come marriage and babies.

Gran-babies for me.

Which makes me think that I should be more of an adult.

That I should be more appropriate.

Date peeps who are mature and settled, rather than individuals who have colourful pasts, kodak-colour dreams, crazy passions, and think outside the square.

That I should wear clothes more suited to an elegant 50 (almost 54) year old, rather than mixing and matching colours, materials, and show far more skin than anyone respectable would approve of.

And I shouldn't be looking at new stallions, and enlarging my Ta Moko.

That I should behave.

And by rights, I should.

But my son is awesome, in part, because of how I raised him.

I've shown him success and courage and perseverance.  How to work with Spirit.  The difference between being right, doing right, and what's actually right.

And our life has been colourful.  But it's also had it's share of sadness, inter-mixed with joy and happiness, travel and fun...and a lot of just plain and simple, good 'ol fashioned, hard work.

But my son loves me. 

In all my neon colours, and crazy theories, in all the times I've said, I'm going to try this... or Spirit said that...  

I'm loved.

Not in spite of who I am, but because.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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