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So the question I have for you today is, How responsible is a salesperson for what they sell you?

Now, this is interesting on a couple of levels, let me tell you why.

Do you remember when I found myself on the phone to a woman whose company had sold me horse feed with Soy in it...and how it didn't go well?

Ok, fine, it went like this, What do you mean the food I just paid $200 for has Soy in it?

I particularly asked the salesperson about this AND it says NO SOY on the packaging.


More silence while the woman thinks about her answer.

Then, It's not my fault if the salesperson doesn't know what she's doing.  And it actually states, NO SOY HULLS.

Let's just say there was some extremely un-ladylike language from moi and several pointed references to her ancestory, and leave it at that.  

And no I don't blame the sales girl for that, it was blatant and outright lying from her and her company.

But today's issue was a bit different.

So here I am talking to a girlfriend on the phone.  I don't see her much due to distance, but we regularly speak, and today she was sounding really down.

So we were chatting away and I said, You sound really down, are you ok?

Yes, it's just so hard with what is going on.

That was true, so we just continued the conversation.

But I kept getting a Ding...ding...kind of sound, as if I was missing something.

So I interrupted what she was saying, This isn't right.  Nothing has really changed in your situation, but you sound really depressed.  Like your serotonin levels have been zapped to nothing.

And then I started chatting about foods which encouraged serotonin growth.

As we were doing that, she said, Actually, now I think about it, I did buy some new stuff the other day that my Natural Health sales girl recommended.

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding.

She gave me the name.

Nothing I recognized.  Yet that Ding ding was going nineteen to the dozen.

I made her say the name again, thinking maybe I had misheard the name.


But by now I knew that I knew something.

So I made her spell it...and then I got it.

That product, about 15 years ago, had 5 people die on it within a period of 6 months.  Nothing could be proved though, as these people had all been depressed already.  

And for some peeps it did work amazingly well, it was just for some unfortunate few, it actually encouraged them to follow through on their suicidal thoughts.

However, that was never proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

Just 5 people, in a matter of months, took this particular product, then killed themselves.  

I actually thought the product had been banned.

But they must have tweaked it and put it back on the market. 

'cause there it is, singing sweet lullabies and promising Nirvana.

For some, permanently. 

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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