30 Sec's on....



You know what I love most about having a garden?

It reminds me of my place in the world.

I have a constant reminder of the cyle of life - birth and death.

That you need both sun and rain for success.  That one without the other, cannot survive.

Or survive successfully.

It is also a reminder that I always have what I need.

Like passing a huge bundle of rhubarb and realizing that what I really, really craved was rhubarb stewed with brown sugar and cinnamon with my home-made granola.

But what I love the most is the connection I get.

The Soul knowledge that this world is a better place, because I'm in it.

With all my (real or imagined) faults, imperfections, stubborness and less-than-ladylike language, this world is more colourful, vibrant, abundant and better.

Because of what I bring to this world.

And I love that. 

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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