30 Sec's on....



We are 30 days into 2023, and y'all are doing my fucking head in.

So you and I need to have a little tutu, so we can go back to being friends.

1) Do not let your ego take over all else.  

Seriously.  Your ego's an asshole.

2) Do not compare yourself, and find yourself lacking, to any single person on this Earth.

The Kardashians are not role models.  

So don't.  Just don't.

3) Do not use any negative word towards another person, that you would not like used on you.

Fuck is a word to describe an unpleasant situation, not to throw at another person like a frisbee.

4) Make yourself a priority.

If you want to be a slutty-pants, be the best kind. 

5) Honour, love and respect those that you share your love, life, friendships, home and horses with.

Don't fuck around on them. 

Don't be fucked over.

6) Do not kill another living thing in anger.

This may, or may not include, pukeho's.  I haven't decided yet.

7) Refer to 5.

8) Don't take what you haven't earnt.

Oh For Fuck's Sake.  How hard is this one?

9) Do not lie.

Correct.  Do not open your mouth and spit the Devil's spawn and hope it turns into spun gold.

This is not the same as, Don't get caught.

10) Don't be all green eyed-ey pissy and jealous.

Don't want what I have, make me crave what you have.

I won't, but give it your best shot.

...oh, and I almost forgot, NO hacking accounts, phones, apps and definitey no tracking your damn bit of fluff on the side.

Baby, Spirit and I love you, but this is going to be a very fucking long year unless you get your shite together.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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