30 Sec's on....



I love the start of a New Year!

No, not because of all the, I'm going to... I gave those resolutions away years ago.  But because it's Summer and hot, I'm chilling out with my horses and Spirit and really getting myself re-charged, relaxed and all nicely put together.

To jump into all the new things I put in place last year, to come to fruition this year.

And this year is exciting, because first off we're going straight into a Retrograde.

And you know what Retrogrades are like.  

Think everything backwards.

Legal contracts and sneaky ass Energy around those contracts, missed communication, travel plans being upset, emails going missing ie: being sent when not ready or to the wrong person, and generally, well, we've just walked into a month of chaos and mayhem.

Haha...my kind of month.

But all jokes aside, you should be prepared because I spoke to you about this late last year.  I told you to dot your i's and cross your T's and to make sure to always, always have a new Plan A on a contract.

So that if the worst case happens and it is all, "I never said that!" or "No, you misheard..."

Well, make sure your fine ass has a new Plan A tacked on it.

Get out of jail Free Card, if you will.

I know I always do, because I, 100%, go in knowing what I want, what I will negotiate on, and what is a deal breaker. 

And once that deal is made, nothing on this fine Earth is going to shift my ass.

In fact, I have been described as a Tasmanian She-Devil on Speed, if I think that I've been fucked over.   

Then I go on strike. 

And if you think me being all speedy is bad, just wait until all those little things you think are not that important, stop being done.

And you will not get me moving again until the deal is 100% back in place, plus a sweetner for the pot, for being a wanker.

But to be fair, overall, I am extremely lucky in business. 


I wasn't when I was younger.  In fact, on two noticable occasions my Accountant yelled so loudly and so much, I thought he was going to give himself a heart attack.

He was also right both times. 

So I got real smart, and real tough, real quick. 

I also choose my people way better now. 

But, Kneel for no one is not just a pretty phrase.  

Anyway, Retrograde aside (and to be fair it's only going for another 20 days), this year has some rocking good times...full of abundance, love, and a huge amount of success.

Bring it on, ding dong.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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