30 Sec's on....

So you might have noticed I skipped the Chinese, Good luck and Cosmic Vibrations last year.

I thought about writing it, I really did, but one thing stopped me,

The complete lack of ownership I saw happen in the preceeding 12 months.

Seriously, I kidd you not, I had never, ever, had a year when no matter what it was, everything was everybody else's fault.

No money?

'Cause of the Government.

Fat, tired and lazy?

The Government.

Possibly your neighbours.

Definitely because of your partner and/or kids.

...or lack thereof.

So I couldn't really see the point of doing it last year.

However, this year has been absolutely phenomenally successful for some peeps.

A true fairytale.

But these were also the people who stood up and were counted.  

Can't go to work?

Work from home.

Can't go to gym?

Go online and do classes or walk, cycle, walk some more, buy weights...

For every problem there is a solution.

So I am cautiously optimistic about this coming Chinese year, starting on the 22nd January, 2023.

The Year of the Water Rabbit.

So, first off, it has both a softness and gentleness...with a frustrating persistence to it.

It won't run in straight lines, and you will find yourself going three steps forward, two steps back and a side ways cha cha.

Which is going to be annoying.

But it is also a pretty year.

A time to stop and look around you, see what is actually creating magick and rainbows and joy in your Soul.

A year to be and grow, sustainably, organically, and in ways which nurture the body and feed your Soul.

Which is awesome.

...but you will still have to own your choices.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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