30 Sec's on....

So a topic which has consistently raised its head recently is, Toxic Karmic Ancestral and DNA Inter-Generational Ties.

I know, a big mouthful, right?

But the more I have gone into this, the more it intrigues me.

We talk about how we are genetically programmed to be more likely to get certain physical health issues.

We also understand that Mental Health comes from a parent or grandparent, and often both.

But can you inherit Familial Dysfunction? 

Can you be born with funky DNA?

Now I'm not talking about being raised in a physically, emotionally or sexually abusive family.

I'm talking about how bad things just seem to happen to some people.

They are not bad people.

They do not make dysfunctional choices.

They do not set themselves up to fail.

They just always seem to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

With the wrong people.

I'm hearing about this a lot, however, I can't say that I'm 100% sold on this theory.

But that's because I'm more practical in my Magick.

If it exists, then there is a solution.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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