30 Sec's on....

I am heartbroken that the Queen is dead.

I'm not a Royalist per se and seriously, in the last few years her family dramas have been, well, a little Jeremy Kyle.  But all those things aside, she was a lady who achieved massive things in her lifetime.

She lived through wars, the Stockmarket crashes, family dramas (Yes, I'm looking at you Andrew), toe sucking (Sarah), an affair (Charles) and the subsequent divorce from Diana, then Diana's death, a Nazi Fancy Dress party (Harry), a part black woman marrying into the Family, and then destroying the basic foundations of it, a Pandemic, and the loss of her husband.

And overall she did a brilliant job.

I'm sorry she didn't get to fix things with Harry before she passed though, and pictures of Harry missing saying goodbye, shows he is heartbroken over that.

I'm heartsore that they couldn't fix that which was broken.

But what I will take with me from her passing, is that she stood up, showed up, and consistently presented herself to be quietly strong, and dependable.

That she never shied away from adversity, hard things, or mean people and never, ever, let ignorance make her less (remember that buffoon Trump, walking in front of her?)

She was the constant you could, and did, trust.

Which is why it is a little disturbing to see things already starting to fall.

King Charles is sitting in prime position to make huge, positive changes to the Monarchy, bringing it forward into the future.

We already know that Charles has this potential, because he was a staunch supporter of Climate Change way before people even knew what it was.

So that's a win.

He divorced Diana and is now married to Camilla.  The woman he had an affair with.  That almost ruined him and there was talk, way back when, that he would never be King.

But look where we are now.

Another win for him.

However, it is just one decision, split in two, that makes me worry about the future of this Monarchy.

All men in the Royal Family should wear Military uniform at this time.

Two men couldn't.

His brother, and another son of the Queen's - Andrew, and Charles's personal son, Harry.

King Charles had the choice to exempt one, both or neither.

He chose to exempt Andrew, the man who was best friends with a convicted paedaophile, and by the skin of his teeth, and a huge financial settlement, didn't get convicted of being a sexual predator, and jailed, himself. 

Charles did not exempt Harry.   

His son.

Whose only crime was to marry a part black woman, start a family, and want to live a life outside of being a full-time working Royal.

But it is not over yet, and King Charles may still turn around and invite Harry to wear Military Uniform too.

Which Harry has earnt the right to.

So yes, we are watching history being made.

But it's whether we're watching the fall of the Monarchy or the birth of a new era.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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