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I want to talk about men today, because, well, there's been a few things which have not, and are not, sitting well with me.

First off, let's say a big Hello! to my son (and his friends), my male friends, and the cute, pro-active guys who respectfully come up and talk and show interest in me, as a woman.

This blog is not for you.  We love you.  

It's not even about you guys who text me once or twice then straight out ask me for a fuck for that night, casual (on-the-regular, but no feels) shag or just a good ol' fashioned blow job.  

I think you're a dick and have the IQ of a constipated gnat, but no, this blog is not for you either.

I'm talking about men like Andrew Tate and Hunter Moore. 

Andrew is a former kickboxer and Big Brother contestant, and styles himself as a Self-Help Guru, offering his (mostly) male fans a recipe for making money and pulling women.

So far, pretty tame right?

Sure.  Right up until you get to the point where he says, Women belong in the home, can't drive, and are a man's property and, If they've been raped, they should, bear some responsibility.

Tate says that he respects Donald Trump because he's, Grabbin' bitches by the pussy, or That he only dates women aged to 18 to 19 because he can make an imprint on them.

He has 3.5 million followers on Instagram.


What about Hunter Moore, (The Most Hated Man on the Internet - Netflix), a young guy, who ran a pornographic site based on stolen and hacked photo's.  He is a self-proclaimed, Professional Life Ruiner and is pretty damn proud of himself.

He would put up naked photo's and videso's of women (hacked or revenge porn, before revenge porn was even a thing, and the more disgusting, vile, ugly and humilating, the bettter), then link them to their Social Media, and then give out their address, phone number and a map to their physical home. 

Some women lost their children, some tried to kill themselves and they all hated themselves, and what had happened.

His site, back in 2010, was having 350,0000 different visitors per day and the income from people advertising on it was $30,000 a month.

He was a bully, and is a revolting human being.

And people were falling over themselves to be his friend.  People loved him.

If you weren't one of the women who lives he ruined.

Now let us shift our fine asses over to New Zealand, where we have our very own, Sam Uffindell.

Who at 16 years old, bullied and beat up, with 3 other guys, a younger guy. 

With a bed leg.

Then skip ahead a few years where he (and his flatmates) were in competition not only for, The Dirtiest flat in Dunedin, but implied sexual perversion and predatory behaviour, of hanging girls panties on a coathanger in their living room.

We also have one (1) female flatmate coming forward and saying that he, Scared her one night by yelling when he was drunk.

So, this is where I'm having issues.

First off, I'm totally against, Andrew Tate and Hunter Moore.  The complete lack of respect for women is mind blowing in it's ugliness, intensity and ferociousness. 

They are revolting human beings.

But  I'm finding the mob mentality of hate with, and only for, Sam, really disturbing, too.

What happened to the other 3 guys who were involved in the beating?  Where are they now?  What are their names?  What are they doing?

And most importantly;

Why did they do it?

Now, let's skip to Sam and University and, well, OMG...

Have y'all forgotten what your children were like at University?

Their houses are disgusting.  

They are all little piglets, and live like animals.

Well, what do you expect when it's their first time away from home, no rules, and copious amounts of alcohol?

Not to mention, so much sex it is literally a revolving door. 


For both sexes.

And while we're talking about responsible behaviour at University, my lovely son, who is currently on a PHD Scholarship in America, in his first year of flatting at University thought, (with his other 4 male flatmates) that it would be a good idea to have a Roof Keg Party.

Which is exactly what it sounds like.

One full keg of beer dragged, pushed, pulled and pully-ied onto the roof...then people added.

It cost every one of us, the parents, $4500 each, when the keg (obviously), fell through the roof.

And we all paid it (with lots of damn yelling at the kids), because we were just so damn pleased no one got hurt.

But getting back to what I was originally talking about, there is a world of difference between stupid and hateful.

Y'all need to be more discerning...and less judgey.

Kissy hugs

T (she/her) and Spirit


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