30 Sec's on....



I'm in a Crystal-ly kind of mood tonight, so I've decided to choose a Crystal for you, for this coming week:

Black Tourmaline.

I particularly like this one, as it is not very well known.  

But it should be.

Because it is all about absorbing negative Energy that surrounds you, bringing in excellent Energy Protection, while enhancing your physical and Soul vitality.

So, it's a good 'un.

I particularly use it when I am in an adaption phase.  Adjusting to new situations and places.  I find it brings me clarity of mind, precise thoughts and I am able to see situations accurately, clearly and quickly.

It also stops me from only seeing what I want to see, and instead I see things as they are.

This is not something that you should treat lightly. 

It also protects me while moving forward, while stopping me from being overly cautious.

A kind of dipping-my-toe-in-the-water scenario.  Not jumping straight in, but not being a right ol' Nana either.

It presents me with clear insight when peeps have Less than honourable intentions, and shows me when someone is carrying a past life curse, creating dis-ease in this lifetime.  

What I love the most about Black Tourmaline though, is that it is a reminder for me to be generous in my heart and in my Spirit.  

To not just pro-actively fight for, and attain, my own personal freedom of choice to live, love, work and play as I wish,

....but also yours, too.

Kissy hugs.

T (she/her) and Spirit


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