30 Sec's on....

So apparently it's a Thing now for guys to wear skirts.

Well, when Brad Pitt hits the Red Carpet in one, you know for sure that it's a Thing.

But hey, he's hot.

Super hot actually, so you know, he could wear a brown paper bag and still be hot.

But to be honest, I was a bit surprised that he rocked up in a skirt.

It blindsided me a bit.

In having said that though, I'm cool with anyone, and everyone, wearing exactly what they want, where they want, how they want, in whichever way works for them.

But I'm not cool with this one teensy, little part....

That if you are not overly enthusiastic about ALL men wearing skirts, then you are part of the Toxic Masculinity Culture.

Ummmmmm....Wait one damn second here, you can't say that to me.

Just because I don't find some men in skirts (or dresses) atttractive does NOT make me toxic.

It makes me Pro-free-choice.


And I don't have to ask your permission for who I find attractive.  

Or why.

And you can't bully me into saying something that I do not believe.

However, until the end of my days, I will totally support you in living the exact life that you wish, in any form that you choose. 

No matter what that looks like. 

You do you.

And I know this is not, never has been, nor will be ever, a skirt, but damn, that's some kind of sexy hot...

Kissy hugs.

T (she/her) and Spirit


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