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So I found myself in the middle of a conversation with a group of women today.

A bit bizarre on a few points as:

A) I don't do well in groups and

B) Well, refer to A.

But anyway, there I was and the conversation was going fine until I said, Wait...you don't brush your teeth while you're having a shower?  That's disgusting.

I know, right, I should have stopped at shower.

Or maybe not asked about their bathroom habits.

But anyway, there was nothing but dead air, and then a collective, Nooooooooooo...

Not one person brushed their teeth in the shower.

And I don't get it.

That's revolting.

First off:

1) The toilet is near the hand basin.

You keep your toothbrush on the hand basin.

Debris from your toilet floats in the air and smoozes round the place, namely, your toothbrush.

2) You are getting clean in the shower.

So you are washing everything and becoming clean, then Hello! Let's get out and then wash your teeth.

I don't mean to get a little weird on you here, but does that make any sense to you whatsoever?

No.  The answer is, No.

But wait, let us scientifically see where the Dentists sit on this subject.

The American Dental Association says there isn't any harm in shower brushing, as long as it gets done twice a day and that the toothbrush doesn't stay in the shower, because showers hold germs.

Huh.  Your shower maybe.

But wait, the other comments in the group were: 

Are you taking the floss in too? 

What about your tongue cleaner?

Do you leave the toothbrush on the floor or does it have it's own holder?

Do you pee in the shower too?



No and no.

Mostly not.

I decided to leave the, Are you into nude sleeping, because it gives you the most fantastic sleep and you wake up feeling amazing... conversation until later.

Maybe never.

Kissy hugs.

T (she/her) and Spirit


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