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So it's been go...go...go...clean...clean...clean...here.

Because, and you know this as I have spoken about it 20 million times before, the last week before your Birthday is always the busiest. 

Well, it actually starts 6 weeks before your Birthday but the actual week of, is where Spirit are in full-on, clean out mode. 

Clothes, old kitchen stuff, and people.

Some people, no matter what, Spirit will not let stay.  

Anyway, finally all cleaned out, and everything either sold or (mostly) given to the Op shops, ready with clean and fresh Energy for my new year.

But while I was being Miss Busy, I found Liam's school report from 2000, when he was Year 1. 

Which I think was when he was 6 years old.

It was all prettty good apart from the D (Developing.  Not yet Independent or Consistent) for, wait for it...

Shows responsible behaviour.


Some things never change, eh?

But while I was cleaning out, I thought about the biggest life Not-big-but-ended-up-being-huge experience that I had done this past year, and I decided that it had to be the Pounamu Book I wrote.

The young one, about 9 months ago, asked me for a Pounamu.

Now, I didn't know much about Pounamu's then, nor did I own one that I could gift.

But that Liam asked, was huge for us.  

It meant that the road that we had travelled, the blockages we had come against, the valleys we had slid down and mountains we had trekked, had come to a point where we had earnt this Pounamu.

So off I went to hunt one down.

After quite a few missteps, I found a man who came from a long line of Pounamu makers. 

Our Carver is a direct descendent from Te Koeti Turanga who was the last surviving Chief, and is from the Ngati Mahaki and Ngate Waewae tribes who lived on the West Coast of the Southern Alps.

Because of our Carvers Ancestral DNA he is one of the few who have customary rights to fossick for Pounamu from the West Coast/Fiordland rivers and mountains.

We chatted, I spoke about Liam, he asked questions, then more questions, I sent a photo of us, and then he drew Liam's Pounamu.

It took months.  He blessed it, then sent it to me.

I then blessed it, and wore it for one, 30 day, month.

And what started off as Spirit saying, Just write one thing... ended up being a daily ritual which eventually ended up being 275 pages.

I spoke about Magick and rituals, Seeing signs and then Reading them, Energy, Healing and Spirit. 

I also talked about how to Astral travel at night, which I do a lot of and absolutely love, but both of the travels I spoke of this time, were extreme.

The first I woke up in the morning soaking wet.  Not sweaty.  Soaking.  As if I had just walked out of the ocean.  And I smelt like it, too.  All salty and ocean-y.

The second time I had traversed the Underworld and woke up Knowing that that is not a world you travel to lightly. 

Or under protected.

I was fine emotionally, Spiritually, intimately and physically, but both times it scared the living bejezus out of me.

But back to the Pounamu:

It spoke of Magick and Other Wordly Knowledge.   

I woke up one day Knowing how to fix Belle, where I had fallen down and why, and as soon as I switched, our Healing worked exponentially.

It also spoke of Time beyond Time and Time before Time.

It worked with different paradigms, other languages (both known and unknown), DNA and cellular workings.

I learnt things that I literally did not know, from walking in Dreamstate, from Healers, both In-this-World-but-Other-Lands, and Not-of-this-World.

Spirit also let 3 other people touch it. 

People that we were, and are, Spiritually and emotionally, co-joined with, gifted from Spirit.

And every day I wrote.

It was a Soul journey for me, and one that did Healing on my DNA in a way that went far beyond anything that is known of this world.

Then my 30 days were up.

Liam now wears it.

Liam just got his Second Masters while working towards finishing his PHD at George Mason University in Virginia, USA.

Liam Kettle

BSc (Honours) majoring in Psychology, Master of Science in Psychology, Master of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Human Factors and Applied Cognition.

Kissy hugs.

T (she/her) and Spirit


Forgot to say, the nuts and seeds are working really well...


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