30 Sec's on....



I'm big on signs from the Universe.

Mostly because Spirit always have my back, so are consistently trying to point me in the right direction.

They're good like that.

Like I'll be deciding whether to start something new and the next moment I'll see a dead bird. 

Yeah, nah.

Or being in two minds about something and then all I see is the word, Yes! in magazines or books or advertising.

What about when someone new enters into my circle and the next minute there is a dead mouse.

Aside from the fact that we get dead mouses all the time, if it is first thing in the morning, in a particular place, then that person is a no-go. 

Time and time and time again, that one has proved to be accurate. 

Which is awesome.  

But you also have other signs that Spirit send you like, you know, catching people lying.

Now, now, before you go all rancid on me, I'm not talking about the gentle lies of, I'm 6'1 and go to the gym 5 days a week... 

Or the, Of course, I've paid you...

Or even the little white lies of, Your hair looks great or You've lost weight...

No, I'm talking about the Motherfucker ass of a lie.

The ones that harm you.

And these come in two cateagories:

1) Lying to save their skanky ass and

2) The scary kind.

The first ones are pretty easy:  There will either be alcohol, drugs or sex involved.  If you're lucky all three, but at least two.  

Well, seriously, what good story ever started with, I was having a cup of tea...

Number two is the kind that fucks with your head.

Because there is no rhyme nor reason to them.

I was in Afghanistan.

I don't have children.

I lost my son in a fire.

Never went to Afghanistan, has 3 children and a (current) wife and yes, definitely has a son because you met him and he has no recollection of any damn fire.

Sometimes though, it can be whole conversations that start and finish in a period of minutes.  That have a whole life cycle and die a little death afterwards.

Because there literally is not one Truth spoken.

These too, are signs from Spirit.

Not ones that mean you need to fix this person, or love them more, get them counselling or support them on their journey.


Sometimes it is to pick up your Manolo Blahniks, hike up your skirt, and run, that's run like fuck in the opposite direction.

It's all about the signs, baby.

Kissy hugs.

T (she/her) and Spirit


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