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Gotta say, I'm loving Rebel Wilson.

No, seriously, that is one chick that has it going on.

First off: She is an actress, comedian, writer, singer, and producer. 

So that's some serious girl power right there.

But she also doesn't fit into the sterotype that we expect from these things.

For a start she was over weight - and never once made excuses or apologized for it.

Then lost all the excess weight and again, it was no big thing.  It was just something she did.

And now she has her very own Disney Princess as a girlfriend.

And she's making no apologies for that either.

Love.  Love.  Love.

What I am not liking so much is the old-white-man-entitlement establishment who gave her 48 hours to come out, before they outed her.

I have some problems with this, the first one being:

Why on earth does anyone need to be outed for who they sleep with?

You fall in love with a person.  

What their sex is, should be of no importance to anyone.

And secondly, You don't have to be outed if you are hetrosexual.

So why was Rebel being slut shamed?

Because that's really what we're talking about here.  

And that's not cool.

However, it has brought up a really valid point. 

Neither you, nor I (or Rebel) have to justify who we sleep with.

It is our own damn daily choice whether it is a casual Friends-with-Benefits, A One-nighter (possibly a 15 minute jobby if you want to get clever about it) OR a full-on, committed relationship.

It is also no business of anyone elses, apart from the parties involved, as to whether it is a boy, girl, he/she/it/they or them.

Make no apologies for who you sleep with: when, where, how or why. 

Live your best life.

Kissy hugs.

T (she/her) and Spirit


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