30 Sec's on....


I have to talk about this because:

a) It's really annoying me and 

b) It's an unbelievable way to make money.

No, really, I just watched this chick get a minimum of $200 plus free drinks and food, in just under 27 minutes.


Excellent question 99!

This is how it went:

So, I stop into my local superette to pick up a couple of things, just as it was getting dark, (this is important), and as I got back into my car, my phone rang.  So I answered it and then realized I was going to be a while, so got comfortable.

And it was then I saw this woman:

Sitting outside the superette.

With a box and cushion.

All cuddle-snuggly like.

In the dark, with it pelting down with rain. 

That it was raining is important, because cars kept driving in, parking, getting milk or bread or whatever the hell they had forgotten and needed urgently, then back in car and leaving.

But with a little stop in between.

Every single person who stopped gave her money, food and/or drinks.

And not just a little bit of money.  Guys (and girls) were giving her $10, $20 and $50 a go.  And everyone thought they were the only one, because it was literally in-shop-get-out-of-the-rain-leave.

But wait....the next minute she gets picked up by (obviously) arrangment, packs up her box and cushion, gets in this nice car, with this lovely girl and leaves.


Nice work if you can get it, baby.

Kissy hugs.

T and Spirit