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I don't know whether I have ever shown you Dewey the Duck.



Dewey is very cool and comes with a history.  

When we first moved into the country, from the city, there was a lot of stuff I didn't know.

So sometimes I got excited.

Like when I realized that, OMG we have ducks!!!

And got super charged, imagining them hanging out round the deck and becoming friends.

Which they kind of did.

They hung round the house, then hopped up on the deck, then walked in the front door, flew in the windows, and that's how we found ourselves in the hottest summer EVER, having to keep all our doors and windows locked shut tight.

Until I could hustle them back to the pond, where they should have been to start with.

Hence, Dewey. 

Our, Not every idea is a good one... mascot.

The young one thinks he's hilarious.

But I've been thinking about Dewey today because of that lost soul, Vicky White.

That lovely girl, (yes, I know she was 56) who was a prison guard and helped that convict escape, over in America.

Well, actually, she sold her home, took out $90,000 in cash, handed in her resignation, then broke him out of jail by pretending he had an appointment (which he didn't), and they literally just walked out, and off, into the wild blue yonder.

And she got away with it, because she had never done one single thing wrong in her whole life.

Up to that exact moment.

So it's been bugging me.

I mean, if I was speaking with her right now, she would say, He was my Soulmate.  

And maybe he was. 

Who am I to say he wasn't?

But I can promise you she would say that, because that's the only reason she would have entered into an emotional, physical, intimate, sexual and Spiritual relationship with a guy 18 years younger than her, in jail for 75 years and broken every single rule that she had previously lived her life by. 

Vicky betrayed every friend, family member and co-worker, then lost her physical home and all the money she had in this world.

She stomped on trust, honesty and loyalty, then threw away the last crumbs of her moral compass like yesterdays trash. 

If there was any rule left after that, she broke that too, just to be with this man.

And when that wasn't enough, she gave her life.

She killed herself when they got caught.

I truly, deeply and madly, hope that they were Soulmates.

Kissy hugs

T and Spirit