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I want to tell you another story because well, I feel like it, and stories are cool.

Today's story is The Holy Grail.

Christians believe that The Holy Grail was the cup that Christ drank from on his last supper.  Others believe that it was the cup that caught the blood from Christ while he was on the cross.  

There are other cultures though that believe it to be a dish or stone that came from Outer Space with miraculous powers that provide happiness, eternal youth or sustenance in abundance.

It is also, as well as the above, said to gift one wish to those who the Grail believes is worthy.

Whatever you choose that wish to be.

It is also said that the Grail is made from Moldavite.

Now if you remember from a little while ago when we spoke of Moldavite, that it is a green silicia projectile glass, formed by a meteorite impact, around 15 million years ago.  

Which is why The Holy Grail is also spoken about as, Heavens Stone.

Every culture believes that it is not of this Earth and the magickal properties that it has, literally do not belong in this realm.  

The belief is that there is a deep Spiritual quest that needs to be journeyed, with many trials on this road...where many fail.  

Only the brave of Spirit, pure of heart and those with the deepest respect of, and for, the Universe can see it.  In fact, it is said that the Grail calls you with a soft humming and to those who are worthy, a strong vibrational frequency is felt.

No one knows what happened to The Holy Grail, where it resides now, or who is the Guardian of it.

However, there are Treasure Hunters who spend their whole lives looking.

As I'm writing this, no one ever has.

Kissy hugs

T and Spirit