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If you are following Wade vs Roe in America, you should be super concerned right about now.

Not only are they trying to ban abortion, but if you dobb someone in you get payment, then can sue the woman yourself and also get payment.

But wait, not only you can sue the woman (that you haven't had sex with, it's not your baby and has nothing to do with you) but also your brother, uncle, father, cousin etc can also sue her.

And that should make you really fucking worried.  

I personally would prefer a woman to have a baby, but since I am not looking after it, raising it, paying for it or educating it, then it's not my choice nor should it be.

However, I've dealt with many, many women who have found themselves unexpectedly pregnant and I'll tell you what, it's not as cut and dried as you think.

They have ranged from no contraception, the pull-out method (that never works), on contraception, condoms, the pill, IUD's and anything and everything you could think of inbetween.

I've also met women who just look in that direction and fall pregnant, fall pregnant on contraception, don't care and use abortion as a method of birth control and those that terminate because they don't want to look fat in their wedding dress (true story).

But I've also met women who are pregnant through rape, a one night stand and/or medical dysfunction.

I've known women who have been left (literally) holding twins because the man didn't want kids and she couldn't terminate two babies.  Women who were about to break up with their partner and then found themselves pregnant, and women who have severely disabled children through medical misadventure and the Midwife not doing the proper checks.  

And by the time they found out, it was too late to terminate.

I've also met women who have voluntarily chosen to have a one night stand to fall pregnant.  Sometimes because they're a single woman and want a baby, and sometimes they're married and can't fall pregnant.

What I've realized over this last 30 years though, is it is not my place to judge.  Falling pregnant, literally, is on the turn of a dice.

And every single woman on this planet has the right to have a baby.

But she also has the right to an abortion...without having to justify it to any person, anywhere, for any reason.

Kissy hugs

T and Spirit