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I bloody love Easter.

I do, favourite bestest time, ever.

But since I talk about Easter and everything bunny-ish every year, this year I thought I would tell you a story...

Let me tell you about the Voynich quires:

The Voynich quires is a 234-page handwritten document, filled with enciphered text in an unknown alphabet, threaded through by a large number of drawings of equally uncertain meaning – unrecognizable plants, circular diagrams and small naked women. 

It was believed to be written in 1608, but the presence of parallel hatching in some of its drawings implies a likely earliest date of 1450.  

The numbers inside are a curiously weird hybrid of Roman and Arabic.  

And almost all pages in the Voynich quires are illustrated:

A herbal or botanical section, with drawings of herbs, some of which look realistic, while others appear imaginary;

An astronomical section, with illustrations of Sun, Moon, stars and zodiac symbols;

A cosmological section, with mostly circular drawings;

A  biological section, which contains some possibly anatomical drawings with small human (mostly feminine) figures populating systems of tubes transporting liquids;

A pharmaceutical section, so called because it has drawings of containers, next to which various small parts of herbs (leaves, roots) have been aligned;

A recipes section, which contains over 300 short paragraphs, each accompanied by the drawing of a star in the margin.

There are also missing pages, which look to have been cut out, but the most interesting thing is this:

Almost the entire text of the Voynich quires is written in a script that is not found in any other surviving document.

No one knows who wrote it, where it was written, or what its coded language means.

Kissy hugs

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Reference: http://www.voynich.nu/descr.html